S.Coups and his story with bowling S.Coups and his story with bowling

SEVENTEEN's S.Coups quit bowling for this funny and unexpected reason

SEVENTEEN's Seungcheol used to enjoy bowling with his fellow group members, but he retired from the sport for an unexpected reason

The members of SEVENTEEN are not only extremely talented singers and dancers, they are also very good at other activities, such as sports... So why did S.Coups stop bowling?

SEVENTEEN features 13 talented, fun, and very interesting idols. Each one has different talents and personalities that are reflected in the songs of the idol group. In addition to also peeking into other content such as interviews, variety shows, behind the scenes, among others.

That is why CARAT can enjoy and learn even more about SVT and its members, each one has revealed their various facets, the most professional, fun, relaxed and many other aspects that are part of the personality of each of these artists.

This way we can learn a little more about the hobbies and interests of the members of SEVENTEEN. Or more about them, like S.Coups, the leader of the group who is extremely professional and very talented. In addition to singing, rapping, and dancing, he also takes care of his other members, cares about them, and has the best deal with Pledis Entertainment.

But Seungcheol can also sulk sometimes and maybe this is the reason why he decided to stop bowling with the other members of SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN's S.Coups quit bowling just because Mingyu was better at the game than him

In a recent S.Coups interview, the filming took place at a bowling, so he remembered that he used to practice bowling and even played it with his groupmates. But, since Mingyu was a better player than him, he decided to quit bowling, LOL. He didn't like being beaten by his bandmate.

LOL, it seems that Seungcheol always wants to be the best at everything, so he couldn't stand it when Gyu beat him and got a better score on his bowling rolls, a story that proves his sulkiness once again.

But, S.Coups and Mingyu have a great friendship

 Of course, the fact that Mingyu was better than S.Coups at bowling didn't ruin the beautiful friendship between the two SEVENTEEN idols. They both have a great affection for each other and know that they can count on each other, they have the best moments and although sometimes it seems that Cheol scolds Gyu, it is because he is in his role as leader of SVT.

SEVENTEEN has the best artists and the best friendships that have been formed in this great K-Pop group, don't you love their relationship? These idols are just great.

And speaking about friendships, Jun supported Minghao on the filming of the MV for his solo song 'Hai Cheng', and it was too cute we just loved it.

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