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SEVENTEEN's S.Coups melts CARAT after paying the meal of some lucky fans

S.Coups of SEVENTEEN is showing his giant love for CARAT again. The leader paid for the dinner of the fans.

SEVENTEEN has a unique relationship with its fandom. As you may know, the member of this group are well known for their awesome sense of humor. So the fans also love to joke around with the handsome members.

One of the most popular jokes in the fandom is to ask the leader S.Coups for an allowance. The talented rapper gave some money to the members a long time ago. Immediately, the rest of the group told the fanatic to ask him for pocket money.


However, CARAT doesn't need to ask S.Coups anything. The singer of "CHEERS" is taking care of the fans on his own initiative. His interactions with the fans are on the next level. We are telling you what he did for his beloved fanatics.

This is the unbelievable S.Coups interaction with CARAT

On July 30th a Twitter user posted on the platform the full story of her sudden encounter with S.Coups. The fans said that her friend notices that the SEVENTEEN leader was in the same restaurant as them.

CARAT's post / Twitter @dudu_526

Eventually, they made eye contact with the handsome Idol and he greeted them. That is not all, before leaving S.Coups pointed at two tables and paid for their meals because he noticed they are fans.

After revealing the story, the rest of the fandom is a little bit jealous. This kind of situation will never happen to international CARAT. On the other hand, the fans are praising the warm heart of the Idol. These fans were so lucky!

Post by CARAT / Twitter @dudu_526

The fan also dropped a picture of a photocard signed by S.Coups. Apparently, the lady came close to him to get an autograph. She is living the dream of all the fans. What do you think about it?

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