S.Coups dating advice for CARAT S.Coups dating advice for CARAT

SEVENTEEN's S.Coups has this advice for CARAT who wants to date

CARAT fully trusts the leader of SEVENTEEN and no one expected S.Coups' response with his best dating tips

S.Coups will always be available to resolve CARAT's doubts and when SEVENTEEN fans asked him for advice on dating, this idol's response left us shocked.

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group filled with extremely talented and charismatic members who not only show a little bit of themselves in every song they release. They also do it in other types of content such as their own variety show or all the behind-the-scenes that we can see on their YouTube channel.

S.Coups is the leader of SVT, a dedicated artist with a passion for music and the stage. This idol is always on the lookout for the other members and it might seem difficult to listen to and work with 12 other people, but Seungcheol has handled it very well for all the years since the group's debut.

Choi Seungcheol not only listens to his fellow group members, he also keeps an eye on CARAT whenever he gets the chance. He spends time with his fans, dedicates the best words to them, answers their questions and can even give advice if his followers ask for it.

A few times CARAT has asked S.Coups for his best dating tips, the leader of SEVENTEEN will tell you what to do if you want to date someone.

SEVENTEEN's S.Coups advises CARAT on dating, what will be his best tips?

In some fansigns, CARAT asked S.Coups what to do with a boy she likes and the SEVENTEEN leader wrote, 'Don't date' LOL. Another fan told him to please draw her a charm so she can get a boyfriend like him, Seungcheol's response? 'That's not gonna happen'. So basically S.Coups' dating advice for CARAT is: 'Don't do it.'

S.Coups dating advice for CARAT | Facebook: @Levi Chwe

 LOL, Seungcheol doesn't want his fans to date, is he an artist too jealous of CARAT? It's fun to get to know this facet of the leader of SEVENTEEN.

S.Coups gets jealous with CARAT and here we have the proof

Once, S.Coups got jealous because CARAT said that MONSTA X's Kihyun was very handsome, LOL, the SEVENTEEN leader's response was very funny, as he said that he also loves MONBEBE, the other idol group's fandom.

Jealous S.Coups | TikTok: @caratjjang

A saga of jealousy that may never end, but... this is just for fun, obviously Coups would never forbid his fans from seeing other idols or going out with boys, LOL.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like Seungkwan who showed his big heart with a lucky person who met him. 

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