S.Coups and Mingyu from SEVENTEE S.Coups and Mingyu from SEVENTEE

SEVENTEEN's S.Coups brags about his close relationship with Mingyu

S.Coups, the leader of SEVENTEEN is really proud of his members. This is what he did to make CARAT jealous.

SEVENTEEN is back with its fourth studio album "Face The Sun". At the same time, the K-Pop sensation is celebrating its 7th anniversary in the industry.

The amazing chemistry among the 13 members of this group is very famous. Thanks to the strong friendship, and the effective communication the singers of "Left & Right" decided to renew their contract with PLEDIS Entertainment.

SEVENTEEN members / By @pledis_17

The fandom is constantly joking that no one can love more the members than themselves. The leader S.Coups is really proud of the group and their relationship. He even is bragging about it in front of CARAT

S.Coups makes CARAT jealous while hugging Mingyu

As you may know, because of the pandemic, the fan meetings offline were mostly canceled over the last two years. However, for this comeback, SEVENTEEN got the opportunity to meet the fans again in a face to face event.

On May 30th CARAT attend happily to spend a good time with the members. As usual, the Idols were sharing a lot of great moments with the fans. Eventually, S.Coups was next to Mingyu and came closer to him to put his head on Mingyu's shoulder.

S.Coups hugging Mingyu / By @Juncat17

While he was hugging the tall singer, S.Coups made the fans crazy with just a few words:

Oh! You don't have Mingyu at home.

S.Coups and Mingyu love and respect each other a lot

Both of them tend to be really affectionate with all the members. A few days ago, S.Coups revealed how much he appreciates and respects Mingyu. According to the leader, Mingyu was the enthusiastic protagonist about the renewal of their contract.

Mingyu talking about SEVENTEEN / By @ikigyuai

Meanwhile, Mingyu has talked about the cute personality of S.Coups. In the eyes of CARAT these two act like real brothers.

SEVENTEEN is now announcing a new friendship. Check here everything about its encounter with IU.

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