SEVENTEEN's S.Coups, Woozi and Hoshi drop fancy teaser for their new single 'CHEERS'

SEVENTEEN's sub-unit SVT Leaders is finally coming back. The teaser for their upcoming track "CHEERS" is here!

2022 has been a great year for SEVENTEEN. The K-pop sensation just dropped its new album "Face The Sun". It was a whole success, in just one week it sold ever 2 million copies. Also, it conquered the iTunes and Billboard charts.

The singers of "Darl+ing" have insane popularity. Right now, the group is getting ready to visit the United States and Japan with the world tour "Be The Sun". For those countries without a concert date, there will be a live streaming show in movie theaters.

SEVENTEEN members / Twitter @pledis_17

That's not all, the group will release a repackaged album pretty soon. "Sector 17" will include new tracks and more surprises for CARAT. The SVT Leaders are doing their first comeback with the single "CHEERS". Here is the teaser for the music video.

SEVENTEEN drops teaser for "CHEERS"

On July 5th HYBE's official YouTube channel revealed the teaser for the upcoming SEVENTEEN's single "CHEERS". This music video will be the comeback of the beloved sub-unit SVT Leaders. 

It starts with S.Coups sitting in front of a retro TV. Meanwhile, we see Woozi at a huge table with a place for 13 people. On the other hand, Hoshi is in an interesting scenario full of mirrors. The three leaders are wearing fancy colorful hats.

SVT Leader for 'CHEERS' / Twitter @1woo17

The video finishes with thirteen glasses cheering. We cannot see who are the people, but for sure it is a reference to all the members. Some other easter eggs are symbols of their previous track "Change Up". How many can you find?

We need to talk about the insane music. As usual, SEVENTEEN has the greatest production in the industry. There is a flute that welcomes you with a catchy melody. Then, the track becomes very powerful. It sounds amazing!

Are you ready for the SVT Leaders' comeback? The single will be released on July 7th. While we are waiting for it, check here everything about the live streaming of "Be The Sun".

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