What's Mingyu's favorite nickname? What's Mingyu's favorite nickname?

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu reveals his favorite nickname, who gave it to him?

Like many other idols, SEVENTEEN's Mingyu has some nicknames but only one is his favorite, will CARAT start calling him that?

How do you call SEVENTEEN's Mingyu? CARAT sometimes has the best nicknames for the members of the group, but Gyu could only pick one as his favourite, what is it?

SEVENTEEN is a group full of talented and simply amazing members, their musical abilities have impressed millions of fans who don't hesitate to support and love this K-Pop group. But these idols also have great personalities and charisma.

Among the members of SVT we can find Mingyu, an excellent singer, rapper and dancer. With a bright and fun aura, his demeanor is wonderful and we can't forget his visuals. Gyu is quite handsome, very attractive and Gyuldaengie cannot deny it.

There is much we can admire about SEVENTEEN's Kim Mingyu, this artist also has hidden talents with which he impresses CARAT. He has different facets that he shares with his fans, who always give him their love and support and may even give him cute nicknames.

Do you know what Mingyu's favorite nickname is? The SEVENTEEN rapper chose one that may have a more special meaning than we thought.

This is SEVENTEEN Mingyu's favorite nickname because Wonwoo gave it to him

Previously, Wonwoo had revealed that the nickname he uses for Mingyu is 'Mingoo', which he has registered on his cell phone and has called him that many times. Well, ever since Gyu found out that that was the nickname Wonu used for him, it became his favorite. He even added it to his postcard in the 2022 Caratland merch.

Mingyu's favorite nickname | Twitter: @minwontalk1123

Awww! In addition to this being one of the cutest nicknames we could think of, it also comes from someone very special to Mingyu, Wonwoo and him have a very special friendship and despite seeming opposites in some ways, they have one of the best relationships within SEVENTEEN, we love MinWon! <3.

Mingyu and Wonwoo also chose their favorite nicknames that CARAT has given them

CARAT has given SEVENTEEN idols many nicknames, but Wonwoo especially likes 'Sloth', while Mingyu chose 'Puppy'. These two are perfect for CARAT to use.

Wonwoo and Mingyu's favorite nicknames from CARAT | Twitter: @dongxiaobai

What will you call Mingyu? Or should I call him Mingoo? Now you know a little more about this idol and also about Wonwoo <3.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, they will release their first English single pretty soon, we can't wait for it! 

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