SEVENTEEN's Mingyu beauty steals the spotlight SEVENTEEN's Mingyu beauty steals the spotlight

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu is so handsome that his beauty distracts everyone

Mingyu is a multi-talented artist with a beautiful personality, but his beauty is something no one can beat, how does this SEVENTEEN idol steal everyone's attention?

SEVENTEEN members are really talented and charismatic artists, one of them is Mingyu who also stands out for his beauty, what makes this idol so handsome?

SEVENTEEN not only stands out for the great talent and musical skills of the members that are part of this group. They also have unique and very funny personalities that we can appreciate in different content such as interviews, behind the scenes, their variety show and others available to their fans.

But we can also talk about the visuals of the SVT idols, the idol group even has a long line of members who are considered as the visuals of the group. Like Mingyu, who has not only performed as a rapper, singer and dancer of the group. He also writes his verses for his songs.

Kim Mingyu is an outgoing and friendly person, he is also very kind and cares about his members. He can be a bit clumsy at times but he is very sweet. He is also extremely talented, not only for music, he is good at drawing, cooking and even assembling and fixing anything at home. Totally, husband material.

And we can't forget about Mingoo's visuals, he really is someone very handsome and the whole world is simply at his feet. This time he even distracted the TV host where he was with other SEVENTEEN members, how did his beauty steal the spotlight?

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu distracted this TV host with his beauty

Seungkwan, Mingyu and DK were invited to the Korean variety show 'DoReMi Market', in which they had various dynamics, questions and answers and others to entertain the public. In one of these, Mingoo was explaining his answer, but host Boom was totally distracted by Mingyu's beauty and the MC could only say 'You're so handsome'.

Oooh! Although Mingyu might not feel quite right that his answer was not caught because his beauty distracted Boom, pay attention to what Mingyu says without neglecting to appreciate his beauty. 

What is Mingyu's reaction when he is called handsome? Seungkwan imitated him

During the same DoReMi Market show, Seungkwan imitated Mingyu when they call him handsome, according to the other SEVENTEEN member, Mingoo gets all shy when he hears that hehe, do you think so too? This is the idol's reaction to being called handsome.

Although Mingyu disagreed, according to him he doesn't act like Seungkwan says he does when told he's handsome. Ah, but he's cute that he acts shy and is humble. Mingoo is someone with a big heart and a really beautiful person inside and out.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, here we have more about the fourth concept of 'Face The Sun', next SVT's album it's about 'Path'

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