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SEVENTEEN's Mingyu is looking for inspiration in new 'Face The Sun' trailer

SEVENTEEN opens about their personal fear in the trailer series "13 Inner Shadow". Do you want to know what Mingyu's fear is?

SEVENTEEN is exciting their fans with some previews about their upcoming album "Face The Sun". The members are confessing their fears in the individual trailers “13 Inner Shadows”.

At the moment we have seen the members facing different situations, to be trapped in a cage, to live in a dark world, to be living in an eternal corridor, etc.

The fans are working hard to understand the complicated and deep videos. Now Mingyu’s trailer has been revealed. Let’s explore his fears.

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu for 'Face The Sun' / By @pledis_17

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu looks frustrated in new "Face the Sun" trailer

On May 5th HYBE LABELS official Youtube channel dropped a new trailer for the series "13 Inner Shadows". This time Mingyu stars the video with the title "Harmony-Discord". The first thing we see are some music sheets and a metronome. The idol is sitting on a sofa while he is trying to write something.

Mingyu for '13 Inner Shadows' / By @brightestmo_on

He looks a little bit stressed because the ideas are not coming. Eventually he sits at the piano to try some chords but again he seems hopeless.

At the end Mungyu decides to open the curtains and he finds a wall with some various holes that let the light get into the room. The rapper comes close to the wall and leans on it.

Every single trailer caused a hot debate among the fans on social media. Despite the ambiguity of the cilp CARAT is thinking that the meaning behind is the hardship when the inspiration for art creation is not easy to find.

At the same time, the SEVENTEEN Twitter has been releasing a short clip of the members saying the same phrase: I am not SEVENTEEN anymore. Are the guys telling us that their biggest fear is not being part of the group?

The previous trailer was Dino’s one, read this article to know what this is about.

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