SEVENTEEN's Mingyu wallet SEVENTEEN's Mingyu wallet

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu has a magical wallet that will always come back to him

Mingyu decided to name his wallet as 'Boomerang' for a very funny reason, this item is special for this SEVENTEEN idol

CARAT knows Mingyu very well and knows that he can be a bit clueless at times, so he needs a wallet as magical as the one he already has. What makes this SEVENTEEN idol object special?

SEVENTEEN has 13 talented idols, amazing artists who put all of themselves into each of their songs and performances to shine as much as they have since their debut in 2015. Among them we will find various personalities and charismas that have conquered the public.

One of the members of SVT is Kim Mingyu, a boy who was born on April 6, 1997 and who is part of the group's Hip-Hop Team, specializing in rap. But he is also an excellent singer, dancer, he has co-written some songs for the group, he has also performed as a model and MC due to his effervescent charisma.

Mingyu is an extremely talented artist, he not only has musical skills, he is also an amazing artist and he is excellent with his hands, he can fix anything or create something new. He is an intelligent person and there is much we can admire about him.

But we also have to recognize that Gyu can sometimes be a bit clueless, sometimes he falls or bumps with any object, once he dropped a puppy from the stairs, OMG, we already want to get over that, but we can't. Well, Mingyu needs a wallet as special as him and he got it, this is the reason why.

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu named his special wallet 'Boomerang' for this reason

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu appeared in a new interview with Elle Korea magazine, in which he revealed everything about his favorite wallet, a very special one for him, not only because it is his favorite. He named this item 'Boomerang' because no matter how many times he loses it, it will always come back to him.

Gyu has lost this wallet 4 times in total, last time he even bought a new one but magically, his Goyard came back and got everything he had back. LOL, which is basically it, Mingyu puts all his cards, credentials, and more in there. OMG, the confidence that the idol has in this item.

The story of Mingyu's boomerang wallet | Twitter: @jeonmanwon

So we hope that Mingyu doesn't lose his wallet again, and if he does that he has his Boomerang powers once again and returns to him along with all his belongings.

Mingyu revealed what all his favorite items are

Among Mingyu's favorite items we can find a beanie, his boomerang bag, a denim and wool jacket, some Lancóme products, a camera that S.Coups wanted to buy and Mingyu rented from DK and also his iPad where he usually draws digital designs.

Mingyu's favorite items | Twitter: @wonubliss

Now we get to know a little more about Mingyu with his favorite things and stuff, his 'Boomerang' wallet will now be iconic for CARAT. 

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, and also look forward their first English single, 'Darl+ing' and their next comeback.

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