Mingyu's photos that conquered the world Mingyu's photos that conquered the world

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu charmed the world with his new photos even non-CARATS

The latest photos of SEVENTEEN's Mingyu became a viral lockscreen, his good looks made everyone fall in love

CARAT knows very well that Mingyu is one of the most handsome boys, and now his beauty has attracted many new fans who used the latest photos of the SEVENTEEN rapper as a lockscreen.

SEVENTEEN is one of the most relevant and popular groups in K-Pop. This idol group has a lot of extremely talented and dedicated members, one of them being Kim Mingyu. He belongs to the rap line of his boy band, so he is part of the HIp-Hop Team subunit.

Mingyu is also part of SVT's visual lineup, as he is one of the most attractive members of the boy group. He is really popular, his individual Gyuldaengie fandom has millions of people who support Gyu in every project, in his music, social media, collect his photocards and so on.

We also love Mingyu with his beautiful personality, he is a very cheerful and positive boy, sometimes he can be a bit clumsy, but he is not stupid at all. He is someone with many skills, he is good at drawing, cooking, a great MC, an excellent model. He can put together and fix a lot of things, he is very caring and cares about his fellow SVT members.

But back to Mingyu's visuals, he has been captivating a lot of people with his latest photos posted on Instagram, now a lot of non-CARATs are in love with Gyu because of how handsome he looks in these pictures. The SEVENTEEN rapper even became a viral lockscreen.

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu conquered the world with his latest photos and now everyone has him as a lockscreen

Mingyu posted new 'boyfriend material' photos on Instagram while eating at a restaurant, it seems that Jeonghan was the one who took these photos. In these he's just posing for the camera with all the charms of him, he's wearing glasses and he looks really handsome, we just can't deny it.

Mingyu's new photos on IG | Instagram: @min9yu_k

Well, these photos are now the most liked of all of Mingyu's posts on Instagram, having reached over 2.2 million. And these photos have really attracted the attention of new fans. It's even a viral lockscreen that other fans found at Eric Nam's concert. LOL.

Mingyu is a viral lockscreen | Twitter: @adorehanni


CARAT tries to scare new Mingyu fans away with his most embarrassing moments

A fan account uploaded Mingyu's pictures to Twitter where they also went viral and are attracting new fans of the singer, but CARAT is trying to chase them away by putting embarrassing moments of Gyu in the tweet, LOL. We are already many people in love with Mingyu, the line is very long HAHAHA.

Don't be fooled by Mingyu's charms, CARAT said | Twitter: @sseungcheol

We hope all new Mingyu fans will start streaming 'HOT', 'Domino' and 'Bittersweet', LOL. We love Gyu and his huge popularity that continues to rise.

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