SEVENTEEN's Jun has a big heart and this donation shows it SEVENTEEN's Jun has a big heart and this donation shows it

SEVENTEEN's Jun does a good deed for his hometown with this great donation

Jun supported Shenzhen and Guangzhou with a great donation showing the big heart of this SEVENTEEN idol

Jun from SEVENTEEN was born in China and even if he can't be in his hometown right now, he can help those in need with donations like this one he did.

SEVENTEEN has talented members, each one of them has specialised in a different field, that's why the idol group has excellent singers, rappers and dancers who give everything for their music and performances and show the best for their fans in every comeback or release.

But we can highlight more about SVT idols, they have amazing personalities and bright charismas, like Jun, even if he tends to be kinda quiet and seems to be in his own world almost all of the time, the truth is that he has a big heart which is full of love for his members and CARAT.

Wen Junhui has a lot of skills, not only for music since he's a great actor too, even before debuting as a K-Pop idol, he had an acting career in China. He was discovered by a Pledis Entertainment employee in his hometown and invited him to join de agency.

It's been years since Jun left China and then turned into a SEVENTEEN member, but he won't forget about the place that saw him grow and he did a good deed for the people there with this donation.

SEVENTEEN's Jun donates medical protective equipments for Shenzhen and Guangzhou in China

Jun donated protective materials for the pandemic to his hometown Shenzhen and Guangzhou in China, it was revealed everything he donated, medical protective clothing, face masks, protective goggles, N95/ KN95 masks, and disposable medical gloves.

Jun made a great donation to his hometown | Twitter: @mansehao

Jun's heart is full of kindness and this action is a great proof of that, this SEVENTEEN's member is worried about the health of the people who lives in his hometown, Junhui best boy <3.

Jun has always been characterized as someone full of kindness

Jun has a big hart and he's really full of kindness and he doesn't mind if that kindness is reciprocated, once he told CARAT that if you were kind to someone who didn't appreciated it then they're the ones losing it, not you since you're doing things following your heart. So, for him, it's always good to be kind, no matter what.


Jun is a great artist, but he's also an amazing human which likes to be kind to others no matter one, we love this guy, he's just so amazing <3.

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