SEVENTEEN's Jun dances in starry night for the new 'Face The Sun' trailer

Jun stars "Metamorphosis", a new trailer for SEVENTEEN's upcoming album "Face The Sun". What is the meaning behind this beautiful clip?

"13 Inner Shadows" is the trailer series for the new album of SEVENTEEN. "Face The Sun" will be released on May 27, it is already giving a lot of information to the fans.

The individual teasers are giving us some hints to discover what kind of music the group will reveal. At the moment CARAT is a little bit confused with the topic of each trailer. Maybe Jun's video can help to understand the concept of the upcoming album.

SEVENTEEN's Jun trailer / By @pledis_17

Jun is ready for evolution in the new "13 Inner Shadows" trailer.

On May 7th HYBE official Youtube channel released a new trailer for "Face The Sun" the 4th studio album of SEVENTEEN. This time Jun is the protagonist of the video called "Metamorphosis". It takes us to a beautiful night with a shining sky. While some shooting stars are crossing the view, Jun gets up his head and he is ready to dance.

We see him performing an elegant choreography. Then the sun starts to rise. At the same time the Idol is cutting through a plastic cocoon. Is Jun trying to change himself?

The video uses a smooth transition between the night and daylight to explore the concept of change. On the other hand we can see that Jun is ready for a personal evolution. We are excited to see the new era of the talented singer.

For the "Darl+ing" music video Jun is the one who discovered a wall with some prints on it. We can see an image that describes the story of the guys that are living in the ideal world but they will have to face the reality pretty soon. Is Jun's trailer related to the drawing of the light and dark world?

'Darl+ing' Music Video / By @Mi_Ju17

Meanwhile, CARAT is going crazy with Jun's beautiful performance. In just a second the Idol exposes his amazing dancing skill.  Also he looks super handsome.

What other symbols can you find in Jun's trailer?

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