Joshua released a new cover Joshua released a new cover

SEVENTEEN's Joshua surprised CARAT with a cover of dhruv's original song Double Take

Joshua showed more of his beautiful voice in his cover of 'double take', how does the SEVENTEEN idol's version sound?

Joshua has been promising for a while that he will share some cover with CARAT soon and unexpectedly released it today, how does his version of dhruv's 'double take' sound?

SEVENTEEN has members with a lot of talents, all of their skills combine perfectly to achieve the great teamwork that they all do. From the production of their songs, choreographies and concepts to their performances and concerts. They really are dedicated and passionate about their work.

Among the members of SVT we find Joshua Hong, a boy who used to live in America when his talents were discovered, so he was invited to join Pledis Entertainment. He has an angelic voice that adds a special touch to each song of the idol group and belongs to the Vocal Team in his boy band.

Joshua has a kind and soft voice, which has also been experienced in SEVENTEEN's latest releases, he once charmed CARAT with his duet with Jeonghan in 'Falling For U'. Fans love to hear Shua's classic cover of the song 'Sunday Morning' too.

But for some time now, CARAT had been hoping Joshua would release something new, he promised a cover during their fancalls promoting 'Face The Sun'. And this one has just been released, the vocalist of SEVENTEEN released a new cover of the song 'double take'.

SEVENTEEN's Joshua released his own version of double take, an original song by dhruv

Through SEVENTEEN's official YouTube channel, Joshua released his new cover of 'double take' by dhruv, his soft voice giving a new twist to this original track. CARAT really loved their version of this song which has recently become very popular and is on dhruv's 'rapunzel' EP.

We love this version of Joshua's 'double take', it's great and in the end the effect they added to his voice was also unexpected but it sounded super cool.

dhruv noticed Joshua's cover and now the SEVENTEEN idol wants to collaborate with him

SEVENTEEN pinned the comment dhruv left on Joshua's cover, the song's original singer thanking him for his beautiful cover. And the idol replied to the comment saying that she would love to collaborate with him. woah! Surely a collaboration between Joshua and dhruv would be magnificent, we are glad that the original author heard this version of the SVT member.

dhruv liked Joshua's cover | Twitter: @miwon17_

Yaaay! Now we want to hear that collaboration, we hope that it really becomes a reality and dhruv x Joshua is something new for CARAT.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like Jeonghan who had to undergo surgery and now he's recovering. 

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