Joshua and Jun from SEVENTEEN test positive for COVID-19 Joshua and Jun from SEVENTEEN test positive for COVID-19

SEVENTEEN's Joshua and Jun start quarantine due to COVID-19

Two more members of SEVENTEEN are sick, this is how Joshua and Jun are starting their recovery

Pledis Entertainment announced that two more of the SEVENTEEN members have been diagnosed with COVID-19, with Jun and Joshua stopping activities to recover.

Despite the pandemic, many idols have had to continue with their work, even if it is with online concerts and fansings, shows without an audience, and so on. This is how SEVENTEEN did it during 2020 and 2021. Although at the end of that second year, they were able to see CARAT in person at the Weverse Con festival.

For 2022, SVT already had many more plans to reach out to their fans and give them new music and performances, plus the idols are all set for their next fanmeeting. SEVENTEEN in CARATLAND will have 3 dates in total and one of them will be available for fans around the world with its online streaming.

But before all this happens, SEVENTEEN has had to face COVID-19, as its members have been catching the disease. First Wonwoo got sick, Vernon followed, but they both recovered successfully. CARAT calmed down but new members were diagnosed with the sickness and the fandom worried. Hoshi, S.Coups, DK, Seungkwan and THE8 are recovering right now.

And now, Joshua and Jun have also been infected, they both tested positive for COVID-19 and started their recovery after getting the test results.

Joshua and Jun from SEVENTEEN start their recovery since both tested positive for COVID-19

Pledis Entertainment reported that Joshua and Jun were diagnosed with COVID-19, after getting their test results, they began their recovery and quarantine. Both SEVENTEEN members are asymptomatic and will take their time to rest and fully recover.

Joshua shared a message for his fans, so he calms them down a bit and tells CARAT not to worry so much about him.

CARATs, don’t worry, I'm not feeling bad. I’ll return as soon as possible after resting

I’m not feeling bad at all, so don’t worry :) I'm sorry for making you worry

Joshua updated on Weverse | Twitter: @dawncheol

Jun also updated on Weverse, to calm CARAT's worries because of him.

Everyone, don't worry~ We'll be back in a hurry!

Jun on Weverse | Twitter: @BTSVTXT_HYBE

 CARAT keeps sending the best messages and vibes for the idols who are sick right now, we all hope for them to have a speedy recovery and for them to be healthy soon.

S.Coups got sulky since members didn't tell him about the test results right away

As you might know, S.Coups is SEVENTEEN's leader and he also might get sulky easily, this time he showed his sulkiest side, since he commented on Joshua's post scolding him for not telling that he was sick. He really cares about SVT and its idols.

Reply to Kakao Talk... Don't avoid it for a month

Why didn't you tell me after your results came out?

Why did I find out about this throught the notice?

S.Coups sulking on Weverse | Twitter: @gyupuff

 Joshua got scolded for not answering his leader's messages on Kakao Talk and for not telling him about the results ASAP, OMG. Hopefully the 9 SVT's members who are sick right now will have a speedy recovery and feel better soon.

Get to know more about SEVENTEEN, we tell you why this group needs three leaders, this is how they work as a great team.

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