Joshua and Jun from SEVENTEEN are fully recovered from COVID-19 Joshua and Jun from SEVENTEEN are fully recovered from COVID-19

SEVENTEEN's Joshua and Jun are back from quarantine and fully recovered

Joshua and Jun have ended their quarantine now that they are free of COVID-19, SEVENTEEN fans welcome them back after their recovery

CARAT can be calmer now that SEVENTEEN's Joshua and Jun have fully recovered, the idols are no longer sick, and they are ready to surprise their fans with their upcoming activities.

Despite the pandemic, SEVENTEEN kept working, with all possible care, sanitary measures and others to avoid contagion. Although members of its staff fell ill and the 13 idols in the group underwent quarantine, this did not stop them from promoting during the Your Choice era.

After that quarantine, SVT continued to work, and even had more activities, comebacks in Korean and Japanese as well as live events with an audience at their venue where they were finally able to reunite with CARAT after a long wait for face-to-face events.

Concern returned to SEVENTEEN and its fandom after the idols had a vacation, Wonwoo was diagnosed with COVID-19 and recovered well, but Vernon followed, then Hoshi, then S.Coups, Seungkwan, DK. THE8 also got sick and lastly, Joshua and Jun also tested positive for the disease.

CARAT was concerned for the SVT idols who have quickly recovered, Pledis Entertainment announced that Joshua and Jun are completely healthy and disease free.

SEVENTEEN's Joshua and Jun end their quarantine since both successfully recovered from COVID-19

Pledis Entertainment announced that SEVENTEEN's Joshua and Jun are no longer sick, having both successfully recovered from COVID-19 a week after being diagnosed. Both were in quarantine and had the relevant care at home.

Joshua and Jun are fully recovered | Twitter: @miwon17_

CARAT is very happy to learn that both idols have already successfully recovered and are healthy and ready to return to activities with SEVENTEEN.

 All SEVENTEEN members are healthy and preparing surprises for CARAT

With the recovery of Joshua and Jun, no member of SEVENTEEN is sick anymore, so the idol group has everything ready to meet with CARAT in Korea and Japan, countries where the group will have fan meetings where they will share great moments with their fans.

SEVENTEEN will have fan meetings very soon | Twitter: @jeonmanwon

SEVENTEEN will share amazing moments with CARAT at their fan meetings, there is nothing better than knowing that the idols are completely healthy and ready to continue their activities.

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