SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan for 'Darl+ing' SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan for 'Darl+ing'

SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan tested positive for COVID-19 after the comeback

Jeonghan of SEVENTEEN has received a positive result for COVID-19. His agency revealed a statement about his health.

The K-Pop fanatic world is really excited for the next SEVENTEEN single. The group has been working on a full album and "Darl+ing" is a pre-release English song.

However, the pandemic situation is not over yet. Korea is reporting daily big amounts of COVID-19 cases. The Idols cannot avoid this difficult moment, we have seen too many Korean celebrities being diagnosed.

Just a few days before the expected comeback, PLEDIS Entertainment has revealed shocking news about Jeonghan, member of SEVENTEEN. We have for you what the company said.

SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan for 'Darl+ing' / By @pledis_17

SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan is positive for COVID-19

On April 13 PLEDIS Entertainment the member of SEVENTEEN Jeonghan was diagnosed with COVID-19. The Idol took two tests to confirm the positive result.

About the symptonst the label revealed on a statement Jeonghan is experiencing a sore throat and mild cough. He already is under self-treatment at home.

Jeonghan met Mingyu and Vernon on wednesday. According to PLEDIS none of them are presenting any symptoms. At the same time, the agency confirm the rest of the members of the band stay healthy.

We will continue to provide support for the rapid recovery of JEONGHAN, placing our highest priority on the health and safety of our artists. We will also continue to fully cooperate with the request and guidelines of healthcare authorities.

The singer won't take part in the upcoming SEVENTEEN activities. 

The group will be doing their comeback on April 15 with their first English title. Apparently Jeonghan will not participe on the promotions.

The release of "Darl+ing" is almost here. To be ready, check all the information about it.

CARAT, how are you feeling?

Get well soon Jeonghan!

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