Why is IF You Leave Me special for SEVENTEEN and CARAT? Why is IF You Leave Me special for SEVENTEEN and CARAT?

SEVENTEEN's If You Leave Me is a very special song for CARAT and here's why

SEVENTEEN's 'Face The Sun' has amazing songs and one of them is 'IF You Leave Me', what makes it so important to fans?

'Face The Sun' has a variety of styles and genres, but their most delicate and calm song is 'IF You Leave Me' which has a special message for SEVENTEEN fans.

SEVENTEEN released 'Face The Sun', the idol group's fourth full length album that features only OT13 songs. In all of these is the participation of the members of the idol group, each of them contributed to the tracks that were released in this new musical production.

Among the songs on 'Face The Sun' we find all kinds of genres, stories and others that combine to demonstrate once again the great talent of SVT as a group and also of each of its members. 'HOT', 'March', 'Don Quixote' and 'Ash' are now fan favourites.

Most of the songs on 'FTS' have high energy and bring us feelings of joy and hope. But there are also some tracks that could reveal sadness or nostalgia. Perhaps the quietest song, the ballad on the album, is 'IF You Leave Me'. This track is something very special.

And even more for CARAT, there are those who say that this song is not to be dedicated to any other person because SEVENTEEN made it especially for their fans, what is the message that the idol group left in this track?

Why is SEVENTEEN's IF You Leave Me such an important song for CARAT?

SEVENTEEN's three leaders, S.Coups, Woozi, and Hoshi, wrote 'IF You Leave Me' especially for CARAT. It is a fan song in which they were inspired by those people who have followed and supported them throughout this time. The message is clear: 'don't leave my side, let's always be together'.

If you leave in the distant future
I probably won't be able to live
It's not in the distant future
I just don't want to think about it


This is a really emotional song and not only because of the fact that SEVENTEEN's leader line wrote it, but all the members had the same intention when singing it. It's a really special track that shows all the love SVT idols have for CARAT.

Hoshi really got sad during the making of IF You Leave Me

At SEVENTEEN's comeback show, Hoshi revealed that he really got sad and cried thinking about how the group had to part ways with CARAT during the pandemic and the thought that they could never be together with their fans again made him quite emotional:'(. But we know that CARAT is a faithful fandom that will be until the last 'Say The Name'.

Hoshi got sad with IF You Leave Me | Twitter: @jinjuhaee

We love 'IF You Leave Me' and all the emotions conveyed by this beautiful SEVENTEEN song especially dedicated to their fans, who will be by the group's side forever, no matter what happens in the future.

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