Hoshi and JK Tiger released 'Tiger' Hoshi and JK Tiger released 'Tiger'

SEVENTEEN's Hoshi surprises CARAT with his new song Tiger featuring JK Tiger

Hoshi just released a new song, the SEVENTEEN member surprised us with 'Tiger', a collaboration song with JK Tiger

Did you know that Hoshi really likes tigers? And now he paid tribute to his spirit animal with a special song, he just released 'Tiger' in collaboration with JK Tiger and is celebrating something special today.

SEVENTEEN is a K-Pop group with extremely talented and dedicated idols. Among them we find Kwon Soonyoung, or better known as Hoshi, who is an excellent singer and dancer specializing in this K-Pop group. In fact, this is why Soonyoung is the leader of the band's Performance Team.

Hoshi has done a great job with his idol group, he really dedicates himself totally to give his best for every SVT choreography and song. But he has also worked solo. He has some songs, one of them that we can highlight is 'Spider', which is not only great in terms of lyrics and beats, but also his choreography is special.

But if we talk about special things, Hoshi is the special thing in all this, definitely. Apart from being an extremely talented artist, he also has a bright personality and great charisma. Sometimes he seems a little shy but the truth is that he is super funny. CARAT knows very well that Soonyoung does indeed have a special love for an animal.

Hoshi loves tigers, this is why he just released a new song called 'Tiger' in collaboration with JK Tiger, have you heard it yet? This member of SEVENTEEN shone with a new track.

SEVENTEEN's Hoshi releases Tiger, a new JK Tiger collaboration song that shows their love for this animal

Hoshi has just released a new song, it's 'Tiger', a track in which he collaborated with rapper JK Tiger. With great style, the idol of SEVENTEEN talks about the animal that he likes the most, with the strength of a tiger that he himself feels in terms of his personality and work, it is a fierce and powerful song that we really love.

So the power of these two tigers came together for one cool song, we really love 'Tiger', we can't stop listening to it and we hope it will have an MV or performance soon, wouldn't that be great? Surely Hoshi will continue to surprise us.

Hoshi is actually celebrating something with Tiger, why did he release this song today?

Did you know that July 29 is International Tiger Day? This is the reason why Hoshi released the song today, or well... in Korean time it's already July 29th, even though on the other side of the world it's still July 28th. So Soonyoung is celebrating World Tiger Day with this track. And today it's also JK Tiger's birthday, so there's a lot to celebrate!

Hoshi released Tiger in Nation Tiger Day | Twitter: @hoshzone

Well happy International Tiger Day, we hope the tigers are happy today and we take care of them too because this day is to raise awareness about these animals.

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