SEVENTEEN's Hoshi and NCT's Doyoung SEVENTEEN's Hoshi and NCT's Doyoung

SEVENTEEN's Hoshi opens about his complicated friendship with NCT's Doyoung

SEVENTEEN members have a great relationship with their colleagues in the industry. Hoshi has revealed everything about his friendship with NCT's Doyoung.

SEVENTEEN is not just a wonderful group of awesome performers, the Idols have great personalities off stage. All the members are fun and have the best mindsets. Everyone would be happy to be their friend.

Since the members are really easy-going, we have seen how close they are to some other famous K-Pop celebrities. Like Mingyu and the 97s gang that includes BTS' Jungkook and ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo.

SEVENTEEN members / Twitter @pledis_17

 Recently, Hoshi shared a little bit of his friendship with NCT's Doyoung. For sure is not easy to have a good time together in the middle of their busy schedule. This is the funny story of these handsome friends.

SEVENTEEN's talks about his friendship with NCT's Doyoung

On June 15th SEVENTEEN dropped a new episode of GOING SEVENTEEN. This time the members were presenting the funny version of a radio show. Jun, Mingyu, Seungkwan and Hoshi were reading problems of the 'viewers'.

Mingyu, Jun, Hoshi and Seungkwan for GOING SEVENTEEN / Twitter @pledis_17

Eventually, they talked about the friend who cancel the plans just a few hours before the date. Then Hoshi confessed that he acts like that sometimes with his friend. Immediately, Seungkwan spat out NCT's Doyoung name and said:

Let's get him on the phone right now

Hoshi was a little bit nervous but ended up calling his friend while saying "I don't know if he'll pick up." They wanted to explain to him the topic they were talking about. Unfourtanly, the member of NCT didn't take the call. Seungkwan said his conclusion:

Seeing as he's not picking up his phone, he's cut off his friendship with you. Congratulations!

After the jokes, Hoshi added that he never blamed Doyoung, he knows is his fault. We are wondering what is Doyoung's side of the story. What do you think about it? Do you think Hoshi is a bad friend?

SEVENTEEN has announced new dates for their world tour "Be The Sun". We have all the information for you.

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