Hyungwon loved Spider by Hoshi Hyungwon loved Spider by Hoshi

SEVENTEEN's Hoshi inspired MONSTA X's Hyungwon with his song Spider

Hoshi from SEVENTEEN has his solo songs, but 'Spider' had a great impact which inspired other idols like Hyungwon from MONSTA X

SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X are not only K-Pop best friends, all of these idols admire each other as well, and this is how Hoshi inspired Hyungwon with his solo song.

SEVENTEEN is justa a great idol group, it has 13 members which work as a big team and they do it in the best way. Some of these idols have worked as solo artists too, like Hoshi. He's not only an amazing dancer and coreographer, he's also a great singer and some of his solo songs are a great proof of that.

In the other hand we have MONSTA X, another group with talented boys who give the best in every song and performances. This idol group has Hyungwon, someone with a cool voice, great dancing skills and he has also written some songs for his boy band.

Did you know that SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X have a great friendship? Both boy bands have a great relationship, they debuted almost at the same time, but MX did it 12 days before, that's why since the very beginning they got to know each other as rookies.

But there's not only a friendship between MONSTA X and SVT, they also have a lot of respect and admiration for each other, and Hyungwon talked about this and Hoshi, who inspired him with the song 'Spider'.

Hoshi and Spider inspired MONSTA X's Hyungwon, why did he liked the song so much?

MONSTA X's Hyungwon is an Idol Radio's MC, in the show, he revealed that Hoshi inspired him with his solo song 'Spider', when he listened to the song, he tought that it was cool. But when Hyungwon watched Soonyoung perform this song, he found the dacing style so cool, so it inspired him.

MONSTA X and SEVENTEEN have the best friendship and it's cool to see how much they admire, support and respect each other.

Hoshi also supports MONSTA X, and he even did it besides Hyungwon

Hoshi and Hyungwon did the 'Love Killa Challenge' on TikTok when MONSTA X released 'Fatal Love', both idols were together at the gym so they took the chance to dance together and upload the video on the platform, This is how Hoshi also supports MONSTA X.

We love dis MONTEEN friendship, isn't it the best? Ugh! Wouldn't it be cool for both bands to collab? I mean, Joohoney and I.M with Hip-Hop Team, Kihyun and Minhyuk with Vocal Team and Shownu (when he end his military service) and Hyungwon with Performance Team, it'd be jus too amazing.

Anyways, let's keep my fantasies away and keep reading more about your favorite K-Pop bands, or more about MONSTA X and the special edition of Shape Of Love

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