SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing theories SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing theories

SEVENTEEN's Hoshi confirms CARAT theories about Darl+ing

CARAT is a smart fandom and its theory for SEVENTEEN's 'Darl+ing' shows it, Hoshi confirmed it to be true

'Darl+ing' is SEVENTEEN's first English single and the group released a new MV with this song, what is the video about? CARAT had some theories that now are confirmed to be true.

SEVENTEEN members work hard for CARAT, in every song, project or comeback we can find the effort of 13 creative and talented artists which have the best teamwork. That's why this idol group has a lot of fans all over the world and now it's one of the most important bands in K-Pop industry.

SVT keep surprising fans with each one of their songs, albums and concerts, they're always looking for a way to innovate and show something new and fresh for CARAT. And the fandom values everything they do, supporting and loving these idols without limits.

Recently, SEVENTEEN released its very first English song, it's called 'Darl+ing', a warm and relaxed melody with amazing vocals from the idols, great lyrics and a beautiful music video which was released along with the song. Since the teasers for this track and MV, SVT's fandom was very excited.

But fans also spotted a lot of things in the teaser and MV of 'Darl+ing' and they started to make some theories about SEVENTEEN and the concept of this new song. What were those theories about? Will tell you here, and we also will tell you how Hoshi confirmed them.

CARAT theories about SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing are true, this is how Hoshi confirmed them

Since the release of the teaser for SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing MV, CARAT had some theories about the concept for this music video. Fans started to point out the resemblance of some elements of the video with Peter Pan. Fans even related Wonwoo to said character and the story of how he was alone since all of the other kids grew up.

CARAT theory about Darl+ing | Twitter: @jeonmanwon

There were a lot of things on the Darl+ing music video which resembled to Tinkerbell and scenarios in these Disney movies.

Darl+ing resembled us of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell | Twitter: @hansollieee

And these theories about SEVENTEEN in Neverland are truth, Hoshi said it on the behind the scenes of 'Darl+ing'.

Hoshi confirmed CARAT theories about Darl+ing MV | Twitter: @mygijeog

CARAT has another theory for the concept of next SEVENTEEN's album

'Darl+ing' is just the prelude to SEVENTEEN's next full album, and that's why CARAT has another therory for the concept of this next comeback which will be out in May. According to the fandom, the end of 'Darl+ing' is liked to the next album, and it'll have a dark concept.

SEVENTEEN might have a dark concept on its next album | Twitter: @rosheuji

 Let's wait a little buit more for SEVENTEEN's new album to find out if they'll actually have a dark concept or if they're going to surprise CARAT with something as incredible as always.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like Jun who supported his hometown with a great donation which shows his kindness.

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