BooSeokSoon showed up at this wedding BooSeokSoon showed up at this wedding

SEVENTEEN's Hoshi, DK and Seungkwan livened up a wedding with a lot of fun

Did you miss BooSeokSoon's comeback? SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan, DK and Hoshi showed up at a wedding and filled it with fun

The most chaotic and fun trio of SEVENTEEN appeared at a wedding to cheer up all the guests, that's how Seungkwan, Seokmin, and Hoshi made BooSeokSoon's comeback.

SEVENTEEN and its 13 members are often grouped into subunits, usually because of each idol's specialty as a singer, dancer, or rapper. But this K-Pop group has also worked on special sub-units that CARAT loves and that he can easily identify.

SVT also has their different Lines depending on the year they were born, or the country of origin of the idols. But there are also some formed by themselves due to the great friendly and musical bond they have created. Thus, BooSeokSoon was born, a fun and very chaotic trio made up of Seungkwan, DK and Hoshi.

In 2018, SEVENTEEN's subunit BooSeokSoon debuted with their song 'Just Do It', which is full of energy and optimism, something that characterizes the three members of the group. They even took to the stage of South Korean music shows to promote their song.

But since then, BooSeokSoon hasn't released new songs anymore and CARAT was hoping for a comeback from this SEVENTEEN subunit. Although it wasn't exactly what happened but, Hoshi, DK and Seungkwan showed up at a wedding to cheer up all the guests and this is what happened.

SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi cheered up the guests at this wedding, this is how they had fun again as BooSeokSoon

Wedding guests shared videos of BooSeokSoon's comeback, Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi appeared at this event from one of their friends to liven up the moment. They performed the sub-unit song 'Just Do It' and even encouraged the pastor to dance, LOL. They filled the place with fun and it was a pleasant moment for everyone.

The wedding where BooSeokSoon appeared was that of Bumzu's brother, friend and producer of SEVENTEEN who on his Instagram thanked the trio for showing up. SVT also sent a video congratulating the newlyweds, aren't they the cutest guys in the world? Awww!

Bumzu thanking BooSeokSoon | Instagram: @bumzu91

BooSeokSoon's wedding history proves these are their favorite events 

Surprisingly this isn't the first wedding that BooSeokSoon cheers up with their song 'Just Do It', it seems that these are Seungkwan, Seokmin and Soonyoung's favorite events as they've already been to 3 weddings with this one, LOL. First was from the producer of 'One Fine Day In Japan', second was from DK's sister, and third was from Bumzu's brother. Now all of CARAT will want this trio at their wedding.

Also, BooSeokSoon changes the lyrics of 'Just Do It' a bit for these events, really Seungkwan, DK and Hoshi are the funniest in the world, I hope they crash my wedding, wouldn't that be great?

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members like Wonwoo and Jeonghan who are back with their teammates and now the group is complete once again. 

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