Dino wanted to be an idol since he was a child Dino wanted to be an idol since he was a child

SEVENTEEN's Dino wanted to become an idol since he was a child, it was his dream

Being a singer was Dino's childhood dream and now he is an idol of SEVENTEEN, although his family wanted him to become a doctor

Dino had his goal very clear since he was a child, he wanted to become a singer and shine on stage. He really fulfilled his dream now that he is a part of SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN is an idol group full of extremely talented artists, among them we find Lee Chan or better known as Dino. He is the maknae of the idol group and also belongs to the Performance Team, which is why dancing is his specialty. But the truth is, this guy can do it all.

Dino has given each SVT song a special touch, his voice is great and he can rap too. Furthermore, he is a highly creative artist who has actually co-written some of the songs for the idol group and their sub-unit as well. Chan has even released his own songs as a solo artist, recently enchanting us with 'High Five'.

This is why Dino has earned the nickname 'K-Pop's Future'. And he is a true all-rounder, he sings, dances, raps, writes songs and much more. Although we know very well that dancing is Dino's true passion, he even has 'Danceology' on YouTube where he uploads dance covers of different songs with original choreography.

And Dino wanted to become an idol since he was a child, he really dreamed of being a singer even though his family wanted something else for him. But now he is one of the members of SEVENTEEN and shines on stage and in every comeback with his idol group.

SEVENTEEN's Dino wanted to become an idol ever since he was a kid and this cute video proves it

A video came out where we can see Dino as a kid and he's talking to maybe his granny and they're talking about Chan really wanting to be a singer but she tells him he should be a doctor instead. He really dreamed of shining on stage, even in another segment he said that he wanted to be like Rain, the legendary idol and actor.

 Dino also appears with his dad, here is the full show where you can see more of the SEVENTEEN idol in his childhood, awww!

Dino's talent comes from his family as his parents are dancers.

Perhaps Dino's parents encouraged his dream of becoming an idol since they also had dance classes and since he was little Chan joined them too. The family of this member of SEVENTEEN is quite young, even sometimes they believe that his father is his brother. LOL and he has shown his dancing skills even as an audience at SVT concerts.


We adore Chan, his talent, and also his family who supports him and shows where those amazing idol dance skills come from.

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