Dino just released 'High Five' Dino just released 'High Five'

SEVENTEEN's Dino surprises the world with High Five, a new song for CARAT

Dino just dropped a new song unannounced, SEVENTEEN's maknae surprised us with 'High Five'

There is no doubt that Dino is a multi-talented artist and he proves it once again with a new song. The SEVENTEEN idol has just released 'High Five'.

SEVENTEEN is an amazingly talented K-Pop group, and all of their idols really have a lot of skills that we can admire. Dino is the maknae of this boy band, despite being the youngest among the members, the truth is that he is extremely talented and very professional.

Lee Chan is in the SVT Performance Team, so we can say that his specialty is dancing. Since he was a child, he began to study and polish himself in this discipline, since his parents are dancers too. But Dino is not only good at dancing, he is also an amazing singer, rapper and even a writer as he has participated in the songs of his subunit and some other idol group songs.

Also Chan has released his own mixtapes, where he proves more of his talents, he really can do it all. Although his main passion is dancing and that is why he also has 'Dancelogy', on YouTube he usually shares dance covers of many songs, with special choreographies.

There is much we can admire about Dino and this time this SEVENTEEN member completely surprised us as he released a new solo song that CARAT is already loving with all their heart.

SEVENTEEN's Dino just released High Five, a new song that no one expected

Through SEVENTEEN's official YouTube channel, Dino released his new song 'High Five', which was written and co-composed by Lee Chan. It is a track with a great beat, fun, chill and in which Chan not only sings, he also raps. It's a great new song, we absolutely love everything about it.

We hope that Dino will soon show us the choreography for this new song too, would you do a dance cover? This track is great, we can't stop listening to it, it sounds like a great song for summer, danceable but chill at the same time. Chan is extremely talented and it's fully captured in 'High Five'.

What was the first song SEVENTEEN's Dino released as a solo artist?

'High Five' is not Dino's first song as a solo artist, this idol's first song individually was '0 (ZERO)', a mixtape he released in 2017. For that track, Chan also had lyric writing credits. This song was almost a birthday celebration for the maknae as it was released 1 day after his birthday.


Dino is a complete artist, the true future of K-Pop, we loved 'High Five' and now we can continue to enjoy more of his great talent with this new song.

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