Dino can't get the love hints from CARAT Dino can't get the love hints from CARAT

SEVENTEEN's Dino isn't very good at taking hints from CARAT

We know that CARAT is a very flirtatious fandom with the members of SEVENTEEN, but Dino can't quite understand their hints of love anyway

CARAT likes to flirt a little with the SEVENTEEN members on video calls or when they're on VLive and this time they sent a big hint to Dino that he just couldn't understand.

SEVENTEEN is an idol group full of talented members who are dedicated to their music. They always work hard on their songs and performances to show their best to their fans and shine in each new comeback and on stage. There is much we can admire about them and their work.

Like any K-Pop group, SVT also has its maknae, the youngest member of the boy band. And this is Dino, a really passionate excellent dancer, plus he's also a great singer and can even rap. Besides that he has written many songs together with Hoshi and Woozi for the Performance Team.

There is no doubt that Lee Chan is an extremely talented and dedicated artist, but we can also talk about his personality, something that CARAT also admires a lot. He is mature and serious when he should be, but he is also very funny and makes the best jokes that make all his hyungs laugh.

Dino is also very handsome and sometimes CARAT likes to flirt with him. But maybe he's not that good at picking up those love hints from his fandom and he had a funny reaction to one of his fans' comments.

SEVENTEEN's Dino couldn't get CARAT's message, he's not that good at picking up love hints

Dino decided to join VLive for a while to share time with his fans while he is quarantined in Japan after the arrival of SEVENTEEN in the country. In this live broadcast, Chan blessed us by showing off his muscles and CARAT couldn't be more in love with him right now. So the fandom decided to send him a hint that he didn't get.

CARAT: You look like my boyfriend
Dino: Really? So how do you feel? You have a boyfriend who looks like an idol!

Dino can't pick up CARAT's love hints | Twitter: @Mi_Ju17

 So another CARAT had to explain to Dino what was going on:

CARAT: Chan-ah, they're basically saying that you're their boyfriend...
Dino: ...Ah, is that so?

CARAT had to explain the flirting to Dino | Twitter: @miwon17_

 Dino can't flirt with CARAT but he can flirt with the other members of SEVENTEEN

LOL, the memes of CARAT wanting to flirt with Dino were immediate, but some fans remembered when Chan actually flirted with another of the SEVENTEEN idols. When at TTT 2020, he said these words to Seungkwan.

Seungkwan: Is there anything else you guys need?

Dino:  Anything we need? Your love?


So maybe Dino is not so good at finding the romantic hints that CARAT gives him, but it is good for him to flirt, maybe in new video calls with fans, he will test his skills.

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