SEVENTEEN's Dino finally opens his Instagram account

The younger member of SEVENTEEN, Dino, has opened his Instagram personal account. Why are the fans so excited? We are telling you the reason

SEVENTEEN has conquered the hearts of a lot of people around the world. How do we know it? Well, just look at their numbers on social media. Millions of followers on Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

The members of this group also try to communicate with their public through their personal accounts on Instagram. Usually they drop beautiful pictures and funny stories.

While we are waiting for their comeback, PLEDIS Entertainment have news for the fans: Dino is finally opening his personal account on Instagram.

Dino from SEVENTEEN / Instagram @feat.dino

SEVENTEEN's Dino is joining the rest of the members on Instagram

On April 27 the official Twitter account of SEVENTEEN posted great news for CARAT. Dino now has an Instagram account. The Idol is joining the rest of the members on this platform.

Dino on Instagram / Instagram @feat.dino

For his first post, Dino dropped some picture of he in a garden. His user name is "feat.dino" and SEVENTEEN members are already joking about it. Seungkwan commented: "My life's features", and Dokyeom sent the comet "Nodi Nodi feature"

CARAT is celebrating Dino's decision

After this news the fans are really excited. All the members of SEVENTEEN, with the exception of Dino, have been sharing great moments with CARAT via Instagram for a couple of years.

Not log ago a fan asked Dino "when will you be on Instagram?". His response was:

I guess I should make one account now that CARATs are talking about it, right? It's better if I have more ways to communicate with CARATs.

Apparently the reason to open an Instagram account is to be in touch with the fans. Such a sweetheart!

Are you already following Dino on Instagram? No? What are you waiting for?

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