SEVENTEEN's Dino face his fear in new trailer for 'Face The Sun'

Upcoming SEVENTEEN album "Face The Sun" is almost here. Dino star a new trailer for the "13 Inner Shadow series"

SEVENTEEN is promoting their new album "Face The Sun". The release will bi on May 27 but it already sold more than 1.7 million copies on the pre-sale. 

There are high expectations for this project. It is the 4th full album of the K-Pop sensation. Apparently the main theme of their new music is the fears of the members.

A few days ago it was revealed the "13 Inner Shadows" trailer starring Hoshi. In this preview we saw him walking in a infinite loop. Previously, The8's teaser shows him alone in a dark and empty city while he lights his way with a small hand lamp.

If you're curious about Dino's fear just keep reading.

Dino for '13 Inner Shadows' / By @Mi_Ju17

SEVENTEEN Dino is disconnecting himself from the world in new trailer for "Face The Sun"

On May 4th HYBE Youtube channel dropped Dino's trailer "The Wire Jail" from the series "13 Inner Shadows". The Idol is sitting in a small room full of electronic devices and cables.

It seems like the static noise and the Tv's are a metaphor for the pressure of living in a virtual world. At the end the maknae decide to disconnect all the electricity to turn off everything and find peace in the silence. Watch the full video here.

The fans' theories are considering this clip a reflection of the pressure of being a public figure. Dino was really young when SEVENTEEN made their debut. Is this trailer showing the mature Idol facing his fear?

CARAT, What do you think is the meaning of Dino's video? We are excited to see the next trailer for "Face The Sun"?

If you haven't watched all the previous trailers, we got you. Read this article about the "13 Inner Shadows" trailer series.

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