DK and his recipe for CARAT DK and his recipe for CARAT

SEVENTEEN's DK shares a special recipe for CARAT

DK shared the delicious and light food he was eating so he also decided to share his recipe for SEVENTEEN fans to try

DK always cares about his fans and this time he wants them to eat something delicious and low in fat, so the SEVENTEEN vocalist shared his special recipe for CARAT.

SEVENTEEN is an extremely popular and cool K-Pop group. His songs and performances are the best and what has conquered the entire public that has become his fans. Among their idols we will find Lee Seokmin, better known as DK, an amazing vocalist who gives each track of the group a special stamp.

DK not only has a beautiful voice with perfect vocal ranges, he also has a beautiful personality, always cheerful and fun. He is very cute, friendly, and shows his concern for his fellow SVT members. Dokyeom is definitely a sunshine in CARAT's life.

And Seokmin has also proven his love for CARAT on plenty of occasions, the loyal SEVENTEEN fandom is widely reciprocated by Dokyeom. Through social networks he shares a lot for his fans, whether on Instagram or Weverse, he tries to be active and give a lot of content to his followers.

This time, DK shared a recipe for CARAT, after showing his fans what he was eating, he took it upon himself to write down exactly how to prepare the dish so that SEVENTEEN fans can cook and taste it.

SEVENTEEN's DK shared his cabbage recipe for CARAT to eat something light and delicious

Through Weverse, DK shared what he was eating, which was a cabbage dish. He says it's something light and really delicious, then he told CARAT that they should try it. Although he assured that he is not on a diet, he tries to eat vegetables at least once a day.

DK was eating this cabbage dish | Twitter: @for17dino

After sharing the dish he was eating, the SEVENTEEN idol also decided to write the entire recipe so that CARAT could eat his cabbage dish, isn't he the cutest boy on the planet?

DK shared his recipe | Twitter : @for17dino

DK really loves to cook and feed his fellow SEVENTEEN members

On SEVENTEEN In The Soop we got to see that DK really loves to feed his fellow SVT members. In one of the episodes, no one wanted to cook (or wash the dishes, LOL), until Seokmin came over and started making something for breakfast. Jeonghan helped him because he felt a bit guilty <3. 

Seokminnie also made a pizza at ITS, gosh our Pizza Boy is so cute. We never get tired of admiring the talented DK who also has a big heart T-T.


Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members (and also give them lots of love!), like Joshua who released a new cover.

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