DK is such a good friend DK is such a good friend

SEVENTEEN's DK proves to be the friend we all need in our life

SEVENTEEN's Dokyeom is not only a friend who will cheer you up at all times, he will also take care of you even when you don't know it like he did with Jeonghan

The friendship of the SEVENTEEN members is very strong, and DK proved to take good care of Jeonghan even in his sleep, which is how he proved to be the best friend we all wished for in our lives.

The members of SEVENTEEN have spent a lot of time together, even before their debut as Pledis Entertainment trainees. Before the great stardom of this group, everyone began to get to know each other and create bonds that would be reinforced over time and with experience.

This is why we can notice that within SVT there are amazing friendships. Far from just being coworkers, these idols have become a great family that, like all of them, has had its problems but has always known how to solve them. It was not a surprise that all the boy band artists have decided to renew their contract with the agency and stay together much longer.

And it is that with 13 members, SEVENTEEN has guys of all kinds, but we can say that their personalities complement each other and achieve the best teamwork. One of SVT's idols is DK, the group's vocalist who shines brightly not only because of her amazing vocal ranges, but also because of her fresh, innocent and joyful personality.

Dokyeom usually cheers up his other groupmates, making them laugh and even CARAT too, he has such a pure personality that it's just admirable. And the best thing is that he proves to be the best friend we all want in our life, so he takes care of other SEVENTEEN members even when they won't realize it.

SEVENTEEN's DK takes such good care of Jeonghan that he's the friend we all wish we had

Jeonghan revealed that Seokmin is the best friend that everyone wants to have. Hannie has a hard time sleeping in noisy places or with the lights on, of all the members of SEVENTEEN, DK is the only one who can deal with his member's sleep cycle, which is why they are almost always roommates.

There was one night when Jeonghan woke up in the middle of the night, realizing how much Dokyeom takes care of him while he sleeps, as DK was eating, but chewing as quietly as possible, being careful not to disturb Hannie while she was sleeping, OMG :').

I woke up late at night and found Dokyeom eating quietly at the corner. He was chewing in a way he wouldn't make any sounds. I pitied on him for some reason

DK took care of Jeonghan while he was sleeping | Twitter: @FySeokminGos

Isn't Lee Seokmin the cutest person in the Universe? Everyone definitely wishes they had a friend who cares so much about them even in their sleep, OMG.

The most important thing for DK is his friendship with SEVENTEEN members and this song proves it 

Dokyeom is truly a friend that everyone will love, he even came up with the perfect song about friendship and friends, inspired by his fellow group members with whom he has a very strong bond. It's about 'Hey Buddy', a track that we find on SEVENTEEN's Semicolon that DK sang with Mingyu and THE8, from the 97' Line from the idol group.

Who wouldn't love to have DK as a friend? OMG, he's just super sweet and cool as well as being very talented and having this personality that sparkles with his joy and happiness, thank you for existing Dokyeom <3

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