SEVENTEEN's DK confesses that Tom Holland is his personal hero

The talented singer DK has talked about his personal hero. Tom Holland has inspired the main vocalist of SEVENTEEN.

The second best seller K-Pop group is SEVENTEEN. With its latest album "Face The Sun" the group broke its own record sales with more than 2 million copies in the first week. It makes sense, the album and the title single "HOT" are awesome.

What is doing the group to get these achievements? Well, the talented singer can basically do everything. All the members are great dancers and vocalists. Also, their energy and presence on stage are not a joke.

SEVENTEEN members / Twitter @pledis_17

CARAT is curious about who other celebrities are inspiring these superstars. DK has one of the most powerful voices in the industry. He is famous for his energetic and positive behavior. He has revealed his favorite superhero.

Tom Holland is DK's favorite superhero

On June 8th Deezer's official Youtube channel dropped a short interview with SEVENTEEN. All the members answered some questions. DK was asked about his favorite movie hero immediately the singer screamed out:

I'm Spiderman

I love Tom Holland!

DK of SEVENTEEN / Twitter @BaksuSVTven

The Idol continue expressing his love for the British actor and added Tobey Maguire's name. His appreciation for the hero is massive just like his enthusiastic response. Is well known that the singer is clear as the water, if he says it then it's real.

What is SEVENTEEN's musical taste?

During the same interview, the members talked about his current musical taste. Seungkwan said that he has been listening to Charlie Puth's That's hilarious a lot these days. Dino also shared that he recently discovered the song Up At Night by Kehlani.

SEVENTEEN for Deezer / Twitter @Ako_SVT

Finally, Woozi was asked about who is his favorite Pop Icon. Without hesitation, the producer of the group answered that is SEVENTEEN. It seems like he is really proud of themselves.

Do have a hero in common with SEVENTEEN members?

CARAT is suspecting that Joshua could has a new tattoo. Read this article to know more about it.

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