SEVENTEEN's Circles heart felt lyrics SEVENTEEN's Circles heart felt lyrics

SEVENTEEN's Circles is the most emotional song on Sector 17 and here's why

The first song of 'Sector 17' is 'Circles' a song with great meaning for SEVENTEEN and CARAT

'Circles' is one of the new songs that SEVENTEEN featured in their 'Sector 17' repackage and it has a message that has touched the hearts of the group members and also their fans, it is a very emotional song.

SEVENTEEN is a simply amazing K-Pop group and not only because it is one of the most relevant in the industry right now. But for all the work behind each comeback and performance of the idol group. Many fans refer to it as self-produced since its members have an active participation in many of the creative processes of the band.

Mainly we can highlight Woozi who is in fact the producer of SEVENTEEN. His work has been since the debut of the boy band. Lee Jihoon has worked as a writer, composer, and producer for the songs that SVT has released. He though is not the only one who has written songs and most of the members have taken part in it on every album.

But the fact that the idols of SEVENTEEN are the ones who work on the lyrics and music of their songs has a special meaning. Since in each track we can see how their stories, feelings, experiences, tastes and others are reflected. They also usually put out a lot of great messages for CARAT.

This time we will talk about 'Circles', the first song featured in SEVENTEEN's most recent repackage, 'Sector 17', it has a special meaning and the lyrics really touched the hearts of fans and K-Pop group members.

Circles on 'Sector 17' makes SEVENTEEN members sentimental and also CARAT for its heart felt lyrics

Have you read the lyrics for SEVENTEEN's 'Circles'? It is a really beautiful song, it lets us see that we all go through difficult times, those in which we perhaps think that we can no longer continue, sadness usually invades us. But SVT will always be there for CARAT to lift their spirits, together... Because maybe the idols in the group also go through hard times like their fans.

Let's sing together
To cover the sadness with the powerful song
It's gonna be okay, Like the hands on the clock
They'll go in circles back to their places


Remember we’re always together. I won’t let go of your unchanging hand

On his birthday VLive, Wonwoo said that he was the last member to record his part of 'Circles', but when he read the lyrics he couldn't help himself and started crying, so it took more than 10 minutes to start recording T-T. This song has great meaning for all the members of SEVENTEEN and CARAT.

 Circles could be on SEVENTEEN's Be The Sun World Tour setlist

At SEVENTEEN's video call event today, a fan asked Vernon what song he would like to perform live, the group's rapper said that 'Circles' actually said something more revealing so OP asked if he would be on the setlist for Be The Sun, but he said he couldn't reveal that :0.

So we can't wait for a live performance of 'Circles', can you imagine CARAT's chorus with the 'La-La-La' making us all cry? Woah!

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