Adore U from SEVENTEEN was going to have a different concept Adore U from SEVENTEEN was going to have a different concept

SEVENTEEN's Adore U original concept that you may not have known about

SEVENTEEN debuted with 'Adore U' a fun and energetic song, can you imagine a different concept than this? The original idea has nothing to do with what they used

Pledis Entertainment's ideas for SEVENTEEN were very different before the group's debut, and it seems that we would see a totally opposite side of idols when they debuted with 'Adore U'.

SEVENTEEN started as a project many years before the group's debut, as more boys joined Pledis Entertainment, the group would take shape and the K-Pop agency would look for the best way to make these trainees shine while they were preparing to become stars.

Originally, SVT would have 17 members and from there the name of the group was derived. But 4 boys ended up leaving the agency for different reasons, leaving only 13 guys left to debut. This is well known as this idol group's pre-debut is documented on '17TV', a reality show that captured many moments of the artists when they were still trainees.

But, after years of training and great experiences together, the 13 Pledis trainees managed to debut as a group in May 2015, 'Adore U' was the first SEVENTEEN song with which the world began to know everything about its rappers, singers and dancers.

'Adore U' is a fun song, full of energy and joy, the concept that they handled in their MV was very varied, since it seems that the idols of SEVENTEEN star in different stories in it. But the truth is that Pledis had a very different concept planned for the group's debut, why did they change it?

SEVENTEEN was going to debut with a dark concept for Adore U

According to SEVENTEEN story and photos released before the group's debut, it looked like they were going to debut with a dark concept unlike the one they used for 'Adore U', plus Mingyu once confessed that when he met S.Coups he had long hair, since they were not allowed to cut it to respect the concept that they would use in their debut.

This was the concept that according to some fans got leaked and the debut song wasn't even going to be 'Adore U', they'd be debuting with 'Shining Diamond', OMG.

SEVENTEEN's original concept for Adore U | Twitter: @jeonmanwon

But it got pretty different when they released the MV for 'Adore U'.

SEVENTEEN's debut concept | Twitter: @jeonmanwon

 Would you have imagined a dark concept for Adore U? Maybe it would be good, since the song has some parts with a guitar that sounds strong and reminds us a lot of rock, maybe the history of SEVENTEEN would have been different if they had not changed this concept.

Why did SEVENTEEN decide to change their concept to Adore U?

It seems that the change of concept was the idea of the director of the MV for 'Adore U', this is because CARAT was able to have a chat with her through social networks, where she confessed that she was the one who gave them the idea to make the MV different and not with a dark concept. Pledis was flexible and accepted this director's ideas, which is how she completely changed 'Adore U' and gave SEVENTEEN great success.

CARAT's chat with Adore U MV director | Twitter: @cheolscafe

Now you know, SEVENTEEN's original concept was the complete opposite of what they used for their debut, although maybe in the future they may use a dark concept again, we don't know.

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