SEVENTEEN will release its first English single SEVENTEEN will release its first English single

SEVENTEEN will release its first English single soon, when is it coming out?

Before their comeback with full album, SEVENTEEN has another surprise for CARAT, it's their first English song

SEVENTEEN will be venturing out to release their first English single and CARAT can't wait to hear it, when will it be released?

SEVENTEEN is a K-Pop group full of talent thanks to its members with different abilities. In each new comeback, this idol group demonstrates great improvement, evolution, and much more of the brilliance that makes up the great team of the group. In its entirety, with its fixed, new, and even duo subunits, SVT demonstrates its sheer power.

In addition, SVT has international talent, in its lineup there are Korean, Chinese and even American guys. This is why we have been able to listen to the group's songs in Chinese as well. The boy band has also released songs in Japanese that demonstrate more of their artists' skills and have a greater reach with CARAT internationally.

In SEVENTEEN's latest Korean comeback, the K-Pop group's American line surprised their fans with a song entirely in English. Joshua and Vernon worked on '2 MINUS 1', a song with pop punk sounds that they wrote themselves. This track was part of the digital version of 'Attacca' as a bonus track.

Maybe SEVENTEEN noticed how much CARAT liked '2 MINUS 1' and they are ready to have an English song now but OT13, where all the members of the group will participate. When will the group release their first English single?

SEVENTEEN is all set for the release of its first English single which will arrive before its 4th full album

According to K-Media, SEVENTEEN will release their first English single before the release of their 4th full album in May, maybe this single will arrive in late or even mid-April. More information about it is expected, but this news already excites CARAT.

SEVENTEEN will release its first English single | Twitter: @snwuzip

This release will be digital, but it looks like it will also be added to the final tracklist of SEVENTEEN's upcoming full album. A world tour is also expected, do you think SVT will come to your country soon?

Mingyu already wanted to release this song in English with all of SEVENTEEN

During an interview, Mingyu confessed that he really liked '2 MINUS 1' and that he hoped that in the future he could release a song entirely in English but with the entire SEVENTEEN lineup. If Gyu wants it, Gyu gets it and soon we will be able to listen to that wish that the idol had, or was it a spoiler and we never realized it? OMG.

Mingyu's wishes come true | Twitter: @sounds_of_cheol

We can't wait to hear this new SEVENTEEN song, will they release it after their movie 'Power Of Love'? This will be broadcast in theaters around the world on April 20 and 23, perhaps in those days, the group decides to release their first English single as well. What a thrill!

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