SEVENTEEN adds Japan to its world tour SEVENTEEN adds Japan to its world tour

SEVENTEEN will finally have their 1st Dome Tour in Japan with Be The Sun's new dates

SEVENTEEN has added new dates to their world tour Be The Sun, the idol group is coming to Japan on their 1st Dome Tour

For a couple of years, SEVENTEEN had planned their Dome Tour in Japan, but due to the pandemic it had to be cancelled. This year nothing will prevent SVT from meeting J-CARAT with the Be The Sun world tour which has new dates.

SEVENTEEN is an amazing idol group that is very popular and famous in a lot of countries around the world. Through the years, the great effort of each of its members has given this boy band a lot of fans who show their love, admiration and support for the band.

In Asia, SVT's dominance is clearly visible, in countries like India, Philippines, China, and Japan (obviously besides Korea), SEVENTEEN is in the top spots. Fans from those countries have definitely shown their full support for the idol group for much of its history.

This is why SEVENTEEN usually not only have fanmeetings in Korea, but also Japan is one of the countries for which they prepare a show like this in order to create new memories with their CARAT in this country. Before the pandemic, SVT had a Japanese Dome Tour planned which had to be cancelled.

But this year, nothing will stop SEVENTEEN from carrying out their dome tour of Japan and the idol group has already added new dates to their Be The Sun tour in order to see J-CARAT once again after the long wait and the little teaser that they gave in HANABI.

SEVENTEEN added Japan to their new Be The Sun world tour dates, they'll have their first dome tour

SEVENTEEN has added new dates for their Be The Sun world tour, now Japan is also on the bill and they will have concerts in different stadiums in the country. SVT will arrive at the end of the year with J-CARAT and a total of 6 concerts. SEVENTEEN's long-awaited dome tour can finally take place.

SEVENTEEN added new tour dates to Be The Sun for Japan | Twitter: @svt13_hd__

Finally, SEVENTEEN's dome tour will happen and we can't be more than excited to see them at these concerts, 'Be The Sun' will be amazing.

SEVENTEEN's Be The Sun is about to start with the first two concerts in Korea

On June 25, SEVENTEEN will start their Be The Sun tour in Korea, it will be the first dates of the world tour and they will not only be exclusive to K-CARAT as the first two concerts will be broadcast online. So fans from all over the world will be able to experience everything that SVT has prepared for this new tour, what a thrill!

Be The Sun is about to start | Twitter: @sounds_of_cheol

We're ready for Be The Sun, it will be simply amazing, and the online broadcast will have every detail we won't want to miss out from this tour.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like Seungkwan who's ASTRO's Moon Bin bestie, but he's also his fans. 

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