SEVENTEEN welcomes us to _WORLD in new MV teaser for Sector 17 title track

'_WORLD' is the title track for SEVENTEEN's 'Sector 17' and has a new music video teaser

There is little time left to listen to the new songs of 'Sector 17' and SEVENTEEN has a new '_WORLD' to show us in this comeback, so it will be the MV for this song.

SEVENTEEN is a great K-Pop group with extremely talented, dedicated idols with great music and dance skills. Over time we have been able to notice the growth and evolution of the boy band since its debut in 2015, the renewal of their contract in 2021 and more.

In each comeback and performance, SVT demonstrates its strength and great abilities, its power in the studio and on stage is simply amazing. The idol group's latest album is a living proof, 'Face The Sun' had sensational songs and all performed by the full group.

This time, SEVENTEEN decided to release a repackage of 'FTS', 'Sector 17' will be the group's new album with which they will have a new comeback, 4 new songs and great performances that will once again delight CARAT. 'S17' has a new title track that we already want to hear.

'_WORLD' takes us to the new era of SEVENTEEN and will have an MV that will reveal more of the continuation in the idol group's history, this new teaser proves it.

SEVENTEEN reached a new _WORLD in Sector 17 with this new teaser for the title track's MV

SEVENTEEN will release the MV for '_WORLD', the title track of 'Sector 17'. Today they released a new teaser for it in which they welcome us to a new world, there are still remains of the music video for 'HOT', what will this sequel represent?

Woah! There's not much to appreciate in this first sneak peek of the '_WORLD' MV, but we can expect a great song and maybe a more hopeful music video.

When does SEVENTEEN's _WORLD MV come out?

Next July 18, 2022, at 6 PM South Korea time, the '_WORLD' MV will premiere and 'Sector 17' will also be released in full, Yaay, what a thrill! There is very little time left to listen to this repackage of SEVENTEEN. The idol group has also already announced their first stage for next week.


We're ready for this SEVENTEEN's comeback! We can't wait for 'Sector 17', it's almost here, just three days more and we're gonna get to listen to it.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its comeback, here we have the highlight medley for the new songs in 'Sector 17'.

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