SEVENTEEN is ready for Be The Sun World Tour SEVENTEEN is ready for Be The Sun World Tour

SEVENTEEN warms up for Be The Sun, what can we expect from their first concerts?

We are hours away from the first concert of SEVENTEEN with their Be The Sun tour and in rehearsals a lot of what we will see has been revealed

SEVENTEEN's tour in Korea will begin soon, the first concerts will take place in just a few hours, and we already know what we can expect from the idol group at these events.

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group that has worked hard for 7 years to achieve as much success and popularity as it has today. The members of this boy band are extremely talented and charismatic, flooding their fans with happiness with each of their songs and performances.

We are sure that the concerts are a magnificent experience as a fan, there is nothing like singing your favorite songs, being surrounded by people who have the same feeling as you for the same band and more. This is why CARAT was looking forward to the in-person concerts resuming to see SVT once again.

And finally, the time has come, since the end of 2021, SEVENTEEN was able to perform in front of their fans live again, later in 2022 they had their fanmeetings in Korea and Japan. Now, his big world tour 'Be The Sun' is about to start. The first dates of this tour will take place on June 25 and 26 in Korea.

What will SEVENTEEN surprise us with this time? The idol group is already warming up for their first concerts and there are some spoilers that we can share about Be The Sun, what can we expect from the first concerts of this tour?

What can we expect from SEVENTEEN's Be The Sun's first concerts?

SEVENTEEN has already been rehearsing at the Gocheok Sky Dome for their first concerts of the 'Be The Sun' World Tour. Some fans heard/saw motorcycles and it is being thought that this will be like an intro, although it may also be related to the performance of 'March' or 'Call Call Call!', OMG.

SEVENTEEN got motorcycles for Face The Sun concept | Twitter: @wonufest

K-Media has also talked about what SEVENTEEN prepared for their concerts, saying that they plan a different level of performance from start to finish, with unique refreshing, bright and cheerful energy like that of a gala show. There will be special stages never seen before in person and also subunits.

CARAT from around the world will be able to witness SEVENTEEN's Be The Sun's first concerts online

But the first concerts and all the surprises that SEVENTEEN has prepared for Be The Sun will not stay in Korea, the idol group will stream both tour dates online for CARAT from all over the world to watch. In Weverse you can buy your ticket to see the event. We are really excited to see SVT taking the stage again and with many new surprises, we're about to cry!!!!

Watch Be The Sun online | Twitter: @pledis_17

We're truly excited for this!! It will also be some kind of teaser for CARAT from US,  Japana, Indonesia, and more who will be able to see SEVENTEEN in their country T-T, so it'll be amazing, don't miss out Be The Sun!

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like this interaction that they had with ENHYPEN, they might be recording something together (and not just TikToks!). 

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