SEVENTEEN's apple tweet got us thinking SEVENTEEN's apple tweet got us thinking

SEVENTEEN unleashes a bunch of CARAT theories with a single tweet

SEVENTEEN updated on Twitter with a mysterious tweet and without a word, CARAT has already stated some theories, what will this mean?

With many projects for April, SEVENTEEN has the world thinking that everything could be a sign and a single tweet from the idol group made their fandom create the most developed theories, what will be its true meaning?

SEVENTEEN is preparing the world for their new era and no one can take their eyes off the idol group. This year, the concept is 'Team SVT' and it is known that there will be the boy band's first single in English, a new full album that brings big changes for the idols and a world tour confirmed by S.Coups.

April is the month of exodus from this new era of SVT, as it will be when the idol group releases the aforementioned single. Also, the K-Pop group will come to the cinema with their movie 'Power Of Love', a documentary and concert with which they will pamper CARAT on April 20 and 23.

So the countdown for the surprises of SEVENTEEN for their fandom has begun and knowing these idols we know that they will not stop exciting and giving CARAT sneak peeks in order to create more hype around their next releases for which they already we can not wait.

And this time, with a single tweet, SEVENTEEN got CARAT thinking about the deepest theories, which one will turn out to be the truth? We won't know until the idols themselves reveal it.

SEVENTEEN's apples tweet has CARAT creating the best theories

Through their official Twitter account, SEVENTEEN made an update, it is a tweet with 13 apples, just that, there are no words or photographs. So CARAT had to figure out a way to create new theories around this tweet. Some fans believe that it is the countdown of 13 days since April 15 is the day of the release of SVT's English single.

Theory about countdown | Twitter: @going_svt

Others believe that it is the date on which the full album will be released, May 11, is it possible?

Comeback date theory | Twitter: @miwon17_

 Which of the theories will be true? There are those who speculate much more, about the world tour, New York, Snow White and others that might not sound so far-fetched. When will we discover the truth? What if this tweet was just a joke? OMG.

Different CARATs, different theories | Twitter: @pledis_17 quoted tweet

Memes are immediate with this tweet from SEVENTEEN

And of course, memes and theories go hand in hand, and sometimes the answers lie with the idols of SEVENTEEN themselves, LOL, like this Hoshi who is being the voice of CARAT right now.

LOL | Facebook: Legend of Seventeen

Here all the theories were united in a single meme, LOL.

CARAT theories in a meme | Facebook: Seventeenism

Well, this is quite funny, but we also want to know what mystery these thirteen apples hide, although we will surely know until the full launch because SEVENTEEN will keep the hype until the last moment.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN, we have some pranks that the idol group pulled on CARAT during April Fools'.

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