SEVENTEEN's Be The Sun in Korea made a sold out for both dates SEVENTEEN's Be The Sun in Korea made a sold out for both dates

SEVENTEEN sold out for their Be The Sun world tour frist dates

The two first dates of SEVENTEEN's upcoming world tour have already sold out, this is a new achievement for the group

SEVENTEEN has everything ready for their next World Tour, with Be The Sun they will reach some cities around the world and two of the dates for this tour have already sold out.

SEVENTEEN is one of the most relevant and popular K-Pop groups at the moment. This is only due to the hard work that its members have done in each comeback. Every time they take to the stage, records are broken and amazing new achievements are reached.

It is remarkable with the support of CARAT, because in each comeback the growth of the SVT fandom is noticeable. As it was with 'Face The Sun', this new album sold 2 million copies since presale and on its first day of release it also reached a new record. With 'FTS', SEVENTEEN also announced their new World Tour.

'Be The Sun' is the name of SEVENTEEN's new world tour that for now has confirmed dates for Canada, the United States and Korea. There has also been talk about Japan for the end of 2022, but there are no 100% confirmed dates yet. So we are still waiting for the SVT tour to continue to expand and reach more countries.

But for now, 'Be The Sun' has already had its first sold outs, two of the dates for the world tour no longer have tickets available, SEVENTEEN shows their great power once again.

SEVENTEEN's Be The Sun Tour sold out their first two dates in Seoul, how many tickets did they sell?

The first dates of SEVENTEEN's 'Be The Sun' world tour will be in Seoul, Korea. These will be held at the Gocheok Sky Dome. Both dates sold out, SVT sold 50 thousand tickets for the two dates and this gave them a new record that places them only behind BIGBANG who performed before 30 thousand people in a single day at the same venue.

SEVENTEEN sold out their tickets for two dates in Seoul | Twitter: @Tenten1998113

Although these are not the first sun outs of Be The Sun, because in the United States and Canada, CARAT had already sold out tickets for Vancouver and Chicago, for example.

CARAT from all over the world will be able to see SEVENTEEN's concerts in Seoul

SEVENTEEN has announced that their concerts in Seoul will be streamed online, so CARAT from all over the world will be able to watch the K-Pop group's concerts in their country. Tickets for this online broadcast cost 90k won, which is approximately $72. It will be great to watch these concerts online and get to know how will it be to see the group live.


So, we can watch SEVENTEEN in Seoul even if we're not in Korea, we are hoping them to give more dates all around the world, wouldn't it be cool for the group to get to Europe, Latin America or more places around Asia?

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