SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun Highlight Medley SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun Highlight Medley

SEVENTEEN shows what Face The Sun's songs will sound like on its highlight medley

Are you all set for SEVENTEEN's 'Face The Sun'? The group's comeback will be full of great songs

We're getting closer to the release of 'Face The Sun', but SEVENTEEN continues to generate expectation for their comeback and this time CARAT is thrilled with the Highlight Medley from their upcoming full length album.

SEVENTEEN is an idol group with extremely talented and dedicated artists, the power of this group lies in its great teamwork and the active participation of all its members in each comeback. This is one of those called self-produced bands in K-Pop.

And each comeback is better, SVT manages to show new facets and surprise their fans with each new song and new album. There are no limits to the creativity of these amazing artists. Every time we see them experiment more without losing that essence that characterizes them and always trying new concepts, even genres within their songs.

This is why 'Face The Sun', SEVENTEEN's next full length album, is generating great expectation and CARAT knows very well that it will be a high quality production. In pre-sale, this physical album has already reached more than 2 million copies sold and it only remains to wait a little longer to be able to listen to it in its entirety.

Although the wait for 'Face The Sun' will be more bearable now that SEVENTEEN has released the highlight medley of this upcoming album, this is what all of their new songs will sound like and we can't wait anymore.

This is how all Face The Sun songs will sound, SEVENTEEN revealed the highlight medley of their next album

Through the official channel of HYBE Labels on YouTube we have the amazing highlight medley of 'Face The Sun' by SEVENTEEN, all the tracks of this upcoming album were joined together with different videos to show us how each of the songs will sound. We can say that this next album will be simply amazing. Every song is different, the idols experimented with some music genres.

The best thing is besides Woozi who is our dear producer from SEVENTEEN, also Vernon, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Dino and more members were participating in songwriting for 'Face The Sun'. What is your favorite track? Honestly we can't say, 'HOT' is great, 'DON QUIXOTE' too, 'March', please, they are all excellent candidates for SOTY!!!

When does SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun premiere?

May 27, 2022 at 1 PM South Korea time is the release date for SEVENTEEN's 'Face The Sun'. Although for this side of the world, it will arrive on May 26, 2022 at 11 PM, CT time. So we are four and a half days away from listening to this gem that SVT has prepared for the world.

SEVENTEEN's Face The Sun will be released soon | Twitter: @pledis_17

We can't wait any longer for the premiere of 'Face The Sun', honestly, how we would like to travel back in time and listen to it in its entirety just once and then come back and calm our anxiety for this SEVENTEEN comeback, it will be just great. There will be a comeback show too, their first performances will be on Music Bank and Inkigayo so just get ready for the amazing SVT comeback! 

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