SEVENTEEN was with Wonwoo during his grief SEVENTEEN was with Wonwoo during his grief

SEVENTEEN showed great support for Wonwoo during his grief

All the members of SEVENTEEN accompanied Wonwoo during his mourning no matter how far they had to travel

A few days ago, sad news reached SEVENTEEN and CARAT, as Wonwoo's mother had passed away. But being a big family, the group didn't leave the rapper alone during his grief.

There is no doubt that SEVENTEEN is a complete family, the 13 members of this group have spent many years together. Even before their debut when they were still Pledis Entertainment trainees and just getting ready to debut. Since then they have shared time and experiences that none of them will forget.

This is why perhaps today, SVT idols are simply inseparable, even once Mingyu said that when one of them was missing, it didn't feel the same. They are all an important piece in the work and life of the others and in addition to being co-workers, they are also friends and finally a great family that has tightened and strengthened their ties.

And this must be why the mood really fell when CARAT found out about Wonwoo's mom passing away, it was a huge blow to the artist. It didn't take long for the fandom to show their support for him, much less SEVENTEEN, despite everything, they mourned with Wonu at this very difficult time in his life.

Now we know all the things SEVENTEEN did to be by Wonwoo's side during his mom's funeral, they didn't leave him alone even if they had to travel far.

SEVENTEEN accompanied Wonwoo during his mom's funeral no matter how far they had to travel

K-Media detailed how it was that SEVENTEEN experienced Wonwoo's grief as if it were their own, the other members of the group accompanied the rapper during his mother's funeral regardless of whether they had to travel, as it took place in Changwon, hometown of Wonu. The other SVT boys traveled from Seoul to Changwon on April 6 to be with their fellow member. They returned to Seoul on April 7 because they had an event with Apple and after the event they returned to Changwon to continue by Wonwoo's side.

SEVENTEEN didn't leave Wonwoo alone | Twitter: @miwon17_

This is how SEVENTEEN proves that they are a big family and that they will stand by each other no matter what they have to do. This has really touched the hearts of many fans who know how much love the SVT idols have for each other.

All the members of SEVENTEEN will always be there for them and CARAT

SEVENTEEN cares about all of its members and CARAT, they just want to protect themselves and despite the bad times that may happen, they will always support each other. We know very well that on various occasions Mingyu has gone through malicious rumors or moments in which criticism becomes strong before him, but he has always had the other idols by his side.

S.Coups, as the leader of SEVENTEEN, has always said that its members come first when it comes to talking to the company and that they will always ensure that all idols are well. He also cares a lot about CARAT and many of the messages in songs and events let us see that the idol group really loves their fandom.

SEVENTEEN is a real big family who cares for each other | Twitter: @junwonujikwan17

 So now you know more about SEVENTEEN's relationship and the love these idols share, not only with each other but also with their fans who have accompanied them throughout their journey in music.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, we have a lot more to tell you, like this secrete from S.Coups.

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