SEVENTEEN Face The Sun promotion schedule SEVENTEEN Face The Sun promotion schedule

SEVENTEEN show all their activities for Face The Sun with this new schedule

SEVENTEEN is ready for its next comeback with Face The Sun and here we have all the activities planned for their next album

SEVENTEEN is planning a great comeback with a full album, CARAT can't wait for 'Face The Sun' which will have a lot of teasers and more you shouldn't miss.

It's been some time since SEVENTEEN last comeback, with 'Attacca' they took the world and showed a new side of the group for fans and audience. Then they had a Japanese comeback with their winter song 'Anochikara'.

For 2022, SVT is ready to keep conquering the world with its music, that's why they released 'Darl+ing', their very first English single ever which is full of love and more for CARAT. This song is just a prelude for something else.

SEVENTEEN will have its comeback very soon with a full album, the idol group will take the stage once more with 'Face The Sun'. It'll have a total of 5 versions and we're sure there'll be a lot of songs on this new album.

And it's better if CARAT gets ready for next comeback since SEVENTEEN released its schedule for 'Face The Sun', these are all of their activities for the premiere of this new album.

SEVENTEEN reveals the activity schedule for Face The Sun, get ready for their comeback

Through SEVENTEEN's official social networks, the idol group shared the activity schedule of promotions for Face The Sun, their next comeback is more than ready and during May we'll have a lot of teasers and more which will excite fans.

SEVENTEEN promotion schedule for Face The Sun | Twitter: @pledis_17

So, you better get ready for SEVENTEEN's comeback, it seems like it'll have a lot of trailers, then we'll see the concept on each version of the album and more of it until we get to the release of the album. We just can't wait!

May will be a busy month for SEVENTEEN

Besides the release of SEVENTEEN's new full album, the idol group will also held its Japanese fan meeting in May too, that's why they'll be very busy during next month. HANABI is the name of this next fanmeeting and it'll take place in May 7 and 8, the second date is going to be streamed online through Weverse too.

SEVENTEEN's HANABI | Twitter: @hannielaughs

So, we will have a lot of SEVENTEEN's content in May, we can't wait for them to show us everything they have been working on. CARAT is going to be so happy about it.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, here we tell you more about those Hip-Hop Team's songs which prove the rappers are great singers too. 

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