SEVENTEEN for Dingo Music SEVENTEEN for Dingo Music

SEVENTEEN shocks with flawless vocal performance for its greatest hits medley

SEVENTEEN was the guest on the latest episode of the Youtube show "Killing Voice". The perfect performance is making social media crazy.

Among the K-Pop groups, there are a few that stand out because of certain characteristics. Since its debut, SEVENTEEN caught the attention of the public thanks to the extraordinary performances. The energy and synchronization of the members on stage are awesome.

However, the talents of the K-Pop sensation are countless. Of course, everyone already knows that these good looking Idols are in charge of producing their own music. They also are involved in all the processes previous to releasing a new album.

SEVENTEEN members / By @pledis_17

Right now the singers of "Don't Wanna Cry" are promoting their new full album "Face The Sun". They are attending different shows to share more details about their music and recall some of the best moments of their career.

Check here SEVENTEEN's vocal skills, its talent is jaw-dropping.

SEVENTEEN reveals amazing vocal performance for Killing Voice

On May 31st Dingo Music Youtube channel dropped the latest episode of the show "Killing Voice". This time SEVENTEEN attend to perform a medley of the most famous hits of the group.

Here the members are just focused on singing. The show starts with the debut song of the group "Adore U". We also enjoy other classic songs like, "Mansae", "Pretty U", "A-Teen", "Left & Right", their new song "HOT", and more. For the grand finale: "Aju Nice".

SEVENTEEN for Killing Voice / By @dingo_official

Is not a surprise how good these artists are to perform live vocals. Nevertheless, the fanatics are praising the clear interpretation. All of them sound even better than the studio version of these songs. Rappers and vocalists are really good equally.

Immediately, CARAT took social media to express its happiness with the 20 minutes performance. SEVENTEEN vocals are not a joke! Don't you believe us? The members themselves will make your doubt disappear. Enjoy it here.

The leader of SEVENTEEN, S.Coups could be releasing a mixtape pretty soon. Read more about it here.

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