SEVENTEEN in Times Square with Sector 17 SEVENTEEN in Times Square with Sector 17

SEVENTEEN shines in Times Square once again to promote Sector 17

Did you see the SEVENTEEN ad in Times Square? The idol group is featured in this popular spot to promote Sector 17

US CARAT has spotted SEVENTEEN in Times Square, the idol group has an amazing billboard that you can see at this spot.

SEVENTEEN is a K-Pop group with extremely talented members who are dedicated to their music and performances. All of them have worked hard to achieve the growth they have had so far. And of course, all the progress made is also thanks to the love and support they receive from their fans.

Nowadays, SVT has a great fandom that extends all over the world, CARAT is in charge of always sending its love and support to the members of this idol group. In each comeback its great expansion has been noted, no matter the launch, SEVENTEEN continues to accumulate Million Sellers and wins.

For some time now, SEVENTEEN has become more relevant in the international market and this has led them to appear on late night shows in the United States, on MTV Push as well, have performances for the same television station and more. This makes their dominance extend a bit further outside of Korea.

And now we can even see SEVENTEEN in Times Square, this time they are promoting 'Sector 17', did you get to see their billboard in this popular and crowded place?

SEVENTEEN hits Times Square to promote Sector 17 with Spotify

SEVENTEEN has a new billboard in Times Square, it seems that this time it was Spotify that placed it there, in order to promote 'Sector 17', SVT's latest repackage album. The K-Pop group shared a photo of this billboard on Twitter, and more fans added their own photos of finding SEVENTEEN in the spot.

SEVENTEEN in Times Square | Twitter: @pledis_17

If you see SEVENTEEN in Times Square, feel free to share your picture, woah! This Sector 17 billboard looks amazing.

 SEVENTEEN had already appeared in Times Square with Attacca

Last year, when SEVENTEEN would have their comeback with Attacca, Spotify also put the idol group in Times Square, in the same place but to promote a different album. In November 2021, that's when CARAT saw it. And by December of the same year SVT also appeared that time to promote their MTV Push performance.

SEVENTEEN in Times Square during Attacca era | Twitter: @pledis_17

SEVENTEEN best group! We are happy to see them shine in Times Square and we are sure that we will be able to have more billboards of them in the place soon.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, or their songs like these ones from special subunits in the group. 

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