SEVENTEEN's first English single is coming out very soon SEVENTEEN's first English single is coming out very soon

SEVENTEEN reveals the release date of its first English single, when will it come out?

SEVENTEEN's first English single already has a release date and CARAT can't wait to hear it!

SEVENTEEN is more than ready for a new era and this 2022 will have many surprises for its fans, one of them is the group's first English single that is very soon to be released, when will it come out?

The musical quality of SEVENTEEN is simply amazing and all thanks to the great teamwork that this idol group has done since their debut. The mastermind behind its songs, Woozi is an excellent producer who, together with his team in the studio, such as Bumzu, has created masterpieces for the K-Pop group.

There are many reasons why SVT keeps growing even bigger with each comeback. For them, the Million Seller is no longer a challenge, but this does not mean that they stagnate and continue doing what works for them to succeed. SEVENTEEN always goes further and decides to experiment in different ways to bring CARAT something new and refreshed with each release.

The hard work of the members of this group is clearly reflected in each new song, be it a single, mini album or full album. It will have all the talents and personal stamp of the artists that make up SVT. There is much to admire from them and there will be much more to hear from this brilliant boy band.

SEVENTEEN's comeback is already done and we can't wait for it, but before the full album they've been working on finally sees the light, SVT will first give us a sneak peek with their first English single. When will it be released?

When will SEVENTEEN's first English single be released?

April 15, 2022 will be the release date for SEVENTEEN's first English single. We are only two weeks away from listening to this great track that the idol group has prepared. This is a great moment for both the group and their fandom. We can't contain our excitement!

SEVENTEEN will release its first English single soon | Twitter: @DokyeomiaM

CARAT is just looking forward to these next two weeks to go by turbo speed so they can listen to SEVENTEEN's new English single, I'm looking forward to it too, honestly the new era of SVT will have many amazing surprises.

What can we expect from SEVENTEEN's first English single?

I don't think SEVENTEEN is a predictable group, honestly. Hoshi revealed that Woozi was the one who worked on the English single that means the quality is going to be HIGH. Remembering that when Jihoon released his solo song, he really surprised CARAT because no one expected a song like Ruby.

It is also certain that there will be fair lines for each member. As for the musical genres used, Woah! It's a good question, maybe they lean a bit towards pop rock? Like an evolution of 'Rock With You' but in English. OMG this new song is really exciting.

We expect for SEVENTEEN's English single to be simply AMAZING | Twitter: @pledis_17

Let's start with the countdown! April will be a great month for SEVENTEEN and CARAT, April 6th will be Mingyu's birthday, April 15th will be English single, and April 20th and 23rd will be SVT's movie 'Power Of Love', Woah! Many things to celebrate, it will be a simply incredible month.

But while we wait for SEVENTEEN's activities on April, we have a quiz for you, this one will reveal who from Performance Team would date you :0. 

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