SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing

SEVENTEEN reveals new teaser for Darl+ing, their first English single

SEVENTEEN's first English single will be called 'Darl+ing' and the colorful concept leads us to imagine what it will be like with this new teaser

SEVENTEEN is all set for the release of their first English single and 'Darl+ing' has a beautiful concept, what will the song be like? The new teaser of the track will put you in the mood to listen to it.

SEVENTEEN is dominating the K-Pop industry internationally in an amazing way. The members of this musical group have worked hard for years and this is what has given them great recognition. Their effort gives great results thanks to the fact that they put their hearts into each comeback and performance.

SVT has not only released Korean songs, the idol group also gives great importance to their fans in Japan with Japanese songs. Some of the members of this boy band are from China and this is why there are also songs in Chinese by SEVENTEEN. And the group's American Line has released songs in English.

This is how SEVENTEEN takes over the market in different countries and languages. CARAT from all over the world welcomes every new song from the idol group with great joy and supports them endlessly. There is no SVT combeack anymore that doesn't become a Million Seller and new songs are coming that we can't wait for.

In the month of May, SEVENTEEN will have their comeback with a full album that represents great changes for the group. But before this, its first English single 'Darl+ing' will be released on April 15th, what will this new song be like? Its mood teaser gives us a little sneak peek.

SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing has a new mood teaser revealing what the group's 1st English single will be like

Through their official social networks, SEVENTEEN has released a new mood teaser for their first single in English, 'Darl+ing' has a vibe of hope, the yellow color reigns in this teaser and the piano is heard as they join it other instruments. It looks like a strong intro with positive emotions. It's exactly 17 seconds long, but CARAT gets endlessly excited for this release.

 We can also find some messages in the teaser, will they be part of the lyrics of the song? Apparently in some photographs of it the members of SEVENTEEN appear. 'Darl+ing' will be just great and it's getting closer to hearing SVT's first English single.

Seungkwan revealed which music genre will be SEVENTEEN's 1st English single

SEVENTEEN appeared at the biggest Apple store in Korea as the idol group will be collaborating with the brand and there will even be another 'Darl+ing' sneak peek in this collab. During their visit to the store, Seungkwan revealed what music genre the group's first English single will be. According to him, this time the song will be 'the definition of soft synth pop'. OMG, can you imagine it?

SEVENTEEN's Darl+ing will be synth pop | Twitter: @pledis_17

So SEVENTEEN will give us a retro trip in his next English single with Synth Pop, we can't wait for him, it's worth remembering that it was Woozi who worked on this song, so quality won't be lacking. The lyrics will surely be beautiful and in the instrumental they will never be left to duty. What will the choreography be like? OMG, we really can't wait to hear it anymore.

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