SEVENTEEN's first English single schedule SEVENTEEN's first English single schedule

SEVENTEEN reveals more of its 1st English single with a new activity schedule

SEVENTEEN is ready to release their first single in English and will reveal more and more surprises about it on the next days

When will SEVENTEEN's first English single be released? The idol group has already set all the dates for this release that CARAT cannot miss.

SEVENTEEN is one of the most successful and popular K-Pop groups, the hard work of its members is what has made millions of people join their fandom and support and love everything the idol group has to offer. Their songs and performances are just amazing.

And SVT has conquered several markets with their songs, this boy band is quite popular in countries outside of Korea, like Japan, China and obviously the United States. In these countries, SEVENTEEN has made it to the top music charts, proving their dominance in the industry and the support of their international fans.

This is why we have been able to listen to a wide variety of SEVENTEEN songs, in Korean or Japanese versions. The group's China Line has also been responsible for releasing songs in Chinese. While SVT's American Line has also delighted us with songs in English.

But as OT13, SEVENTEEN had never released a completely English album or song. Until now, that the idol group has already announced more about their first single in English for which CARAT can no longer wait and the best thing is that we already have the schedule of activities for this upcoming release.

SEVENTEEN has everything ready for their first single in English, this is their schedule of activities

Through their official social media channels, SEVENTEEN revealed the schedule of activities for their upcoming English single. The idol group has not revealed any details other than the dates where we will be able to know the name of the song, some concept photos and teasers. So that finally on April 15 this first release will be premiered.

SEVENTEEN's first English single schedule | Twitter: @pledis_17

Woah! This first look at SEVENTEEN's upcoming single is beautiful, honestly, the colors make us a little happy, right? Maybe they will follow a colorful concept, but we just have to wait to know what this next song will be called and what concept it will really have. OMG! We can not wait!

 SEVENTEEN is also preparing their comeback but for May

After the release of SEVENTEEN's first English single, the idol group will also have their new Korean comeback, but this one is scheduled for the month of May. What a thrill! We will have in just a little more time new music from SVT that excites CARAT to the fullest.

SEVENTEEN will have a comeback on May | Twitter: @svtbillboard

We already want to hear the new music of SEVENTEEN that also brings a new era for the idol group, new concepts and more moments to share with their fans.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, we tell you here everything about their new ring ceremony, why is it so important? 

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