SEVENTEEN's practice SEVENTEEN's practice

SEVENTEEN reveals its difficult working day in the practice room

The K--Pop sensation SEVENTEEN always takes the stage with flawless performances. The Idols have revealed the secret behind it.

Have you checked the performances of SEVENTEEN? Watch some of its dance videos and pay attention if one  of the members loses the rhythm. Now that we gave you this impossible mission let's talk about the hard work of these Idols.

Every single K-Pop group has spent tons of hours at the practice room. We can recognize how much effort the Korean artists put into performing for just a few minutes on stage.

However, among all the K-Pop Idols, SEVENTEEN stands out thanks to the amazing dance synchronization of the 13 members in the scenario. Recently it was revealed how many hours these artists prepared themselves to achieve their powerful shows.

SEVENTEEN at the practice room / By @GMingyu1

SEVENTEEN reveals its routine for the busy days

On May 10th (KST) the official Youtube channel of SEVENTEEN dropped a new episode of "INSIDE SEVENTEEN". These videos usually show how the members prepared everything for their performances.

This time the group was working for the release of "Darl+ing" and the fanmeeting "CARAT LAND" at the same time.

As usual the members try to have a good time during the practices. While the group was resting Hoshi explained how their schedule is these days. He said:

The schedule is really packed right now. We  perform in the morning and practice at night. Then we perform in the morning and prepare CARAT LAND at night.

Hoshi talking about the practices / By @soonwoo_archive

The Idol revealed that they only have 3 hours per day to practice due their busy schedule. They have to put in a lot of effort to complete the practices and get ready in just three days.

Despite their busy days, Hoshi said it is fun and they look together. During the practice we can see the members still having a lot of energy to play around. Check the full video here.

SEVENTEEN's passion is awesome! CARAT, what do you think about it?

The upcoming album of SEVENTEEN "Face The Sun" will be released on May 27th. It was revealed new concept photos, read here all the information.

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