SEVENTEEN has new activities with Sector 17 SEVENTEEN has new activities with Sector 17

SEVENTEEN reveals Sector 17 promotion scheduler, they have new comeback activities

'Sector 17' will be the repackage of 'Face The Sun' with which SEVENTEEN will have their next comeback and these are their activities

Unexpectedly, SEVENTEEN announced the repackage of 'Face The Sun', and you already have everything planned for the comeback with 'Sector 17', what new surprises will this upcoming album bring?

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group filled with extremely talented and dedicated idols. They have been working hard during this, their seventh year together. And to celebrate they had a comeback with a full album. 'Face The Sun' brought us amazing songs, all of them on OT13.

For CARAT it was refreshing and maybe also a bit unexpected not to find the sub-unit songs on 'Face The Sun', but SVT had some other surprises for their fans. They first announced the 'Be The Sun' world tour which already has dates confirmed for the US, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines and more. The first concerts of the tour were held in Korea.

It's barely been a month since the release of 'Face The Sun', but this era was very temporary. At the end of the first two 'Be The Sun' concerts, SEVENTEEN had an announcement to make. And it is that S.Coups had already given us spoilers about something that the idol group was preparing for July.

And now we know, it's about the 'Face The Sun' repackage, which will bring new songs and a new concept. 'Sector 17' is the name of SEVENTEEN's next album with which the idol group will have a new comeback.

SEVENTEEN's Sector 17 has all these activities prepared for this new comeback

Through their official social media, SEVENTEEN shared the promotion scheduler for 'Sector 17'. The idol group already has new promotional activities ready for their comeback. We will have previews from July 4th, South Korea time. There will be concept photos, higlight medley, the tracklist and even some kind of toast that we can't quite figure out yet.

Sector 17 promotion scheduler | Twitter: @pledis_17

The concept of Sector 17 seems to be in total contrast to that of Face The Sun, we can't wait to see everything that SVT has prepared for this repackage that is already on pre-order. It will have 2 album versions and also a Kinho.

SEVENTEEN's Sector 17 will have 13 songs in total, 4 of them will be new

There is a lot of new information about Sector 17, it is known that it will have 13 songs in total 9 of them are the ones that we already heard on Face The Sun. And 4 new tracks, we think it will be 1 OT13 that will be the title track in this comeback, 1 Vocal Team song, 1 Performance Team song and 1 Hip-Hop Team song. We can't wait for the tracklist reveal on July 4th!

Sector 17 might have subunit songs | Twitter: @domcheol

We are really excited for SEVENTEEN's new comeback although we don't fully expect it (or do we?) Don't forget to pre-order 'Sector 17' and enjoy the songs it will have, that is, the 9 Face The Sun ones because the other 4  are still not out.

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