S.Coups from SEVENTEEN S.Coups from SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN reveals '13 Inner Shadows', first trailer for their new album 'Face the Sun'

SEVENTEEN will be doing their comeback with the album "Face the Sun". The group has revealed the fist trailer for this new project.

The K-Pop sensation SEVENTEEN is doing a comeback pretty soon. "Face the Sun" will be the forth album studio of the group. It will be released on May 27.

As a pre-release the singers of "Aju Nice '' dropped their first English single "Darl+ing". It reached No.1 on iTunes in more than 30 countries.

The story behind the music video of this song has created a big discussion among the fans of the group. The theories for what could be "Face the Sun" about are all over the internet.

SEVENTEEN performing / @pledis_17

In order to clarify, or maybe increase, the possible story for the SEVENTEEN new album their label will be revealing individual trailers. The first one is here! Read all the details here.

SEVENTEEN drops advances for "Face the Sun"

According to the promotion schedule for the new album of SEVENTEEN, from April 27 to May 9 (KST) HYBE will be revealing individual trailers for "Face the Sun".

On April 27 midnight HYBE LABELS official Youtube channel dropped the first advances. The leader S.Coups is the one who opened the "13 Inner Shadows" trailers period.

In the video we can see the rapper sleeping. Then the clock alarm starts ringing at 5:25. We see a little bit of S.Coups dream and eventually he wakes up. The clip finishes with the Idol standing in the middle of an empty street. What is the meaning of this trailer?

At the same time, SEVENTEEN's official Twitter account posted a short clip of S.Coups. In just a few seconds the leader will make a powerful impact in CARAT with one phrase:


Such an exciting promotion! Look forward to the upcoming trailers.

You need to be ready for the comeback, check out all the information about "Face the Sun" and the main single.

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