What happened with SEVENTEEN and CARAT at the airport? What happened with SEVENTEEN and CARAT at the airport?

SEVENTEEN returns to Korea but their fans gave them an unexpected welcome at the airport

Did CARAT misbehave with SEVENTEEN upon their arrival in Korea? International fans can't believe what happened at the airport

SEVENTEEN returned to Korea after their trip to Japan, but at the airport there was chaos caused by fans and press, what happened?

SEVENTEEN is one of the most recognized and relevant groups in K-Pop, the idol group has gained millions of fans around the world who do not hesitate to support them and show all their love. Every comeback and performance is better because of everything these idols receive from their loyal fans.

But fame and popularity bring good things and also some bad things and SVT knows it. In Korean fan culture we can find obsessive people who end up becoming 'sasaengs', fans who buy private information, follow idols everywhere, harass them and so on that is no longer good at all and should stop.

There are also fansites that perhaps are sometimes one step away from being sasaengs, because in order to get the best photographs in their name, they do not respect the private space of idols, something that ends up turning into chaos and this is what happened to him to SEVENTEEN upon returning from Japan to Korea.

What exactly happened at the airport when the SEVENTEEN members arrived in Korea? CARAT from all over the world criticized what the Korean fans did.

SEVENTEEN returned to Korea, but at the airport they had a mishap with their fans, what happened?

SEVENTEEN returned from Japan after their fanmeeting in the country. The idol group arrived in Korea and everything seemed fine until a little chaos broke out. Fans and media got very close to the artists without respecting their personal space or letting them walk on their way out of the airport. In videos and photos you can see how the fans were too close to the idols.

Even though there were some bodyguards, they couldn't handle the situation, the SVT members were tripping over, they couldn't pass, and the fans kept crowding without respecting the boys' space.

This behavior is really sad, more when it is known that one of the members of the group is going through a very difficult moment, the fans are supposed to be there to support him, not to make his moments more difficult.

International CARAT shows discontent at Korean SEVENTEEN fans

CARATs from all over the world saw the photos and videos, they learned about how Korean fans had not respected idols' personal space. They disapproved of these facts and were angry. It was requested that no fansite photos or videos be supported today due to what happened with SEVENTEEN at the airport.

They also asked Pledis Entertainment to be more careful with SVT artists and their bodyguards, everyone had a terrible time today that could have been controlled with more measures.

Fans are mad at Pledis too | Twitter: @dadeuthannie

International CARAT is really angry about these facts, they should have respected the group upon their arrival, they could be tired and just wanted to go home because they still have a lot of work that they do just for the fans.

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